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Metabolic Toning


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General Gym Equipment, Dumbbells, Free Weight, Cardiovascular Equipment, Theraband (optional)

1 review for METABOLIC TONING Program

  1. beezchad27
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is my second month using the Metabolic Toning Program and I am very excited with my results thus far. This workout is exactly what I needed to kick my metabolism in gear to burn fat and gain muscle. I really like how it takes all of the guess work out of what to do while at the gym (what exercises, weights and reps to do), the program takes the fit test information to tailor my workout just for me! I like how the fit test pops up every month, so I can see how far I’ve come too.

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Be sure to consult with your physician before starting any exercise program.

Q: Is the Fitastic Metabolic Toning Program for me?

A: If your goal is to improve your cardiovascular levels, increase energy while obtaining a leaner and stronger appearance, then Yes the Metabolic Toning Program is for you.

Q: What equipment will I need to successfully perform the Program?

A: A gym setting will be required to perform the workouts in the Metabolic Toning Program. A gym or studio will have most all the equipment and tools necessary to complete the uniquely designed routines.

Q: How much time should I expect to set aside for these workouts?

A: The Metabolic Toning program is constructed with “easy” up to “very hard” workout weeks varying intensity and volume intentionally through the concept of Periodization and H.I.I.T.  You can expect to spent 45 minutes up to 75 minutes per routine.

Q: What exactly is H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) and how does it relate to this Program?

A: Yes, the Metabolic Toning Program has several strategic Cardiovascular Intervals folded into each routine.  These intervals are intended to be H.I.I.T. induced.  This involves alternating between very intense and low bouts of intensity exercise within the short time frames allocated.

An example of a 4 minute H.I.I.T. session on a treadmill or recumbent bike:

30 sec.  Warm up at an easy-moderate pace      @ 4-5 perceived exertion (jog/walk)
45 sec.  Gradually increase your speed, incline and/or resistance until you’re working at an intense pace. You should be out of your comfort zone and breathing hard, but able to sustain this level for the full 45 seconds.  @ 8-9 perceived exertion (full sprint)
30 sec.  Reduce speed to a very light pace to fully recover    @ 3-4 perceived exertion (light to quick walk)
30 sec.
 Increase your speed, incline and/or resistance until you’re working at an intense pace.  @ 8-9 exertion (full sprint)
30 sec.  
Reduce speed to a very light pace to fully recover    @ 3-4 exertion (light to quick walk)
45 sec.  
Increase your speed, incline and/or resistance until you’re working at an intense pace.   @ 8-9 exertion (sprint)
30 sec.  
Reduce speed to a very light pace to fully recover    @ 2-3 exertion (walk)

Be sure to challenge yourself along the way with great explosions of Elevated Heart Rate according to your fitness level!  H.I.I.T. can be used both anaerobically (in the gym with weights) and aerobically with cardio, in the case of the Metabolic Toning program, it’s exclusively Cardio provoked.

Q:  What are the benefits of H.I.I.T.?

A:  It was once believed that “steady state” cardio was superior for fat loss because relatively more fat was being used by the body as fuel at lower exercise intensities than at higher intensities.  The “Fat Burning Zone” shown on most cardio equipment as only 60%-65% of max heart rate is really a myth and is NOT optimal for burning fat.  Yes, you burn more fat relative to glycogen when going for a walk, but what we care about is total fat burn.  At higher intensities, you are burning far more fat, even though the fat/glycogen ratio is lower.  In addition, interval training allows you to exercise at very high intensities for a much longer period of time than steady state, so you burn more fat.

As an added bonus, there’s also an afterburn effect known as EPOC (excess-post exercise oxygen consumption). You increase your metabolism and burn more calories for up to 24 hours after interval training, whereas going for a jog burns almost NO calories after.

Q: What if I don’t have the time to put into the longer routines?

A: When you come across the longer duration weeks and your schedule doesn’t allow the time, you can make personal adjustments to the routine by trimming out some of the single joint, smaller muscle movements, or perhaps an interval session here or there. Do your best to omit the least amount of exercises in order to fit progressiveness into your busy schedule. Ideally you should perform all movements under the specified direction as often as you can for optimal results. You can even option to split some of the longer workouts into two sessions; one at the gym and then exercises you can perform at home or the office.

Q: How long do I need to commit to the Fitastic Metabolic Toning Program?

A:  There is no maximum amount of time that you need to commit to the Metabolic Toning Program, you can cancel anytime.

Q: Can I switch to another Fitastic Program to change up my routine?

A: This custom built program is designed on the development of your personal results. You will be leaning up and getting stronger with the program, and with that the workouts will progress along with you each step of the way.  However for any reason, you can switch the program by canceling out your current program and enroll into any of the other custom built programs you choose: Strength Training, Adipose Incineration and Advanced Body Burn are the most popular routines coming off the Metabolic Toning program. NOTE: YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE PROGRAM AT A GIVEN TIME.

Q: When I’m through achieving the desired results from my Fitastic Program, how do I cancel?

A: To cancel your Fitastic Program, simply go into your Orders within your Profile tab and select the Cancel option to update billing information or end your subscription.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: For any reason you do cancel, your program will end immediately and there will not be a refund. Take full advantage of your metabolic burn within your program and soak in the results.


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