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Advanced Bodyweight


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Move your body, to work for you

Product Description

Designed for any fitness enthusiast, take your Body Weight workouts to the next level.  Packed with variety and unique exercise selection, no workout will ever be the same.  Your daily routines can be done anywhere!  In your living room, bedroom, or office… No Dumbbells, No Barbells, No Special Equipment, JUST YOU!

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Your own Body Weight, Elevated Surface(s), Chair, Pull Up Bar


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Be sure to consult with your physician before starting any exercise program.

Q:  What is Bodyweight Training?

A:  Any movement or form of exercise that relies on your own body for resistance constitutes bodyweight training.  Some classic “advanced” bodyweight training movements include burpee jumps, single leg squat, jack knife sit-ups, pull-ups, plyometric push-ups and jump squats.

Q:  Why is Bodyweight Training important?

A:  Using your own bodyweight as a training tool enables you to develop strength, increase mobility, bolster endurance, burn fat and build lean muscle virtually anywhere.  Applying the frequent strategy of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), your body will ignite itself to a leaner, stronger, more conditioned appearance in no time.

Q:  Why should I use the Advanced Bodyweight program?

A:  The Fitastic Body Weight program leverages gravity against your bodyweight to perform a large variety of exercises under strategic design, while still putting you in control of how much of a challenge you apply.   Upper body, Lower body and Core challenges are as efficient and entertaining as they will become in a result oriented fitness program.  Progressions and regressions are available anytime to make the appropriate adjustments for you.  The best part is, no two workout are ever the same.

Q:  Other than Bodyweight, is there any other equipment I should be prepared to have?

A:  Your Bodyweight is mandatory of coarse, we all have it.  In addition you’re going to need simple household or office items to assist in the performance of certain movements.  A chair, sturdy table, foot stool, and other variations of elevated surfaces will be of use in your Advanced Bodyweight program.  Note: A door frame or standard pull up bar is recommended.

Q: I don’t have access to a pull up bar. What can I do to substitute?

A: You need something to do pull-ups on. For outside workouts you can use a stair well, tree branch (throw a rope or towel over the branch or bar if you can’t directly hold on), swing sets to do pull-ups. If you’re indoors you can use bars or anything sturdy such as a telescoping door frame pull up bar.

Q: How much time should does it take to finish an Advanced Bodyweight workout?

A: The program has several variations and duration challenges built into each week; you can expect to invest 15 to 40 minutes  per routine if you follow the specific tempo and rest intervals designed. Each week varies per the precision of the program.

Q:  What if I can’t complete a specific exercise prescribed?

A:  The program is designed for you to complete the workouts at a specific tempo and format, but is encouraged to be performed at your pace.  If for some reason you can’t complete all the reps to an exercise, make the attempt to challenge yourself for as many repetitions as you can in a row.  You can take a quick break and get back to the exercise at hand to complete the set.  However if you can’t DO the exercise, you have the ability substitute the movement for another exercise within the program OR a regression can be found directly in the Fitastic workout builder HERE

Q: When Substituting an exercise, how do I know which exercise is right for me?

A: Not all exercises are appropriate for everybody, that’s why Fitastic has this custom built in feature.
When selecting a substitution exercise, you will have options that derive from the primary muscle groups associated to the original exercise. Play each video and read the detailed description attached for each replacement exercise to determine which movement is right for you.

Q: How long do I need to commit to the Fitastic Advanced Bodyweigtht (Body Burn) Program?

A: The custom built program is designed on the advancement of your personal results. We understand that as you’re leaning up, losing weight and getting stronger with the program it can and will become easier to perform.  The program will progress along with you, however there is no minimum or maximum amount of time that you need to commit to as you can cancel anytime.

Q: Can I switch to another Fitastic Program to change up my routine?

A: You can switch your program at anytime by canceling out your current program and enroll into any of the other custom built programs you choose: Strength Training, Adipose Incineration and Metabolic Toning are the most popular routines coming off the Advanced Body Burn program.  YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE PROGRAM AT A GIVEN TIME.

Q: When I’m through achieving the desired results from my Fitastic Program, how do I cancel?

A: To cancel your Fitastic Program, simply go into your Orders within your Profile tab and select the Cancel option to update billing information or end your subscription.

Q:  What is the refund policy?

A:  For any reason you do cancel, your program will end immediately and there will not be a refund.  Take full advantage of your purchased program and soak in the results.


Every BODY deserves to feel Fitastic