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Adipose Incineration
Adipose Incineration Sample WorkoutAdipose Incineration Sample WorkoutAdipose Incineration Exercise Examples


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It takes courage to make change- Torch your FAT Today!

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Product Description

Adipose Incineration is an assertive name for turning your body into a FAT BURNING machine.  You will experience an exceptional combination of H.I.I.T., Metcon style and resistance training to boost your metabolism to a state of no return.  Varied intervals of aerobic exercise, supersets, and dropsets are strategically placed within the workouts to allow for minimal down time as you will have constant focus addressed on all body parts.  You will notice increased strength and cardiovascular endurance, power, speed, and metabolism during and after your workout. This equals stronger muscles, less body fat, increased power and endurance for overall better health. Melt your fat off and showcase the body you deserve!

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General Gym Equipment, Dumbbells, Free Weights, Body Weight, Medicine Ball (optional), BOSU Ball (optional)

4 reviews for ADIPOSE INCINERATION (Fat Loss) Program

  1. SGTBoehm723
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have done many different styles of exercise over the past 10 years from strength training for football, to cardio heavy wrestling, Military training, Cross Fit, and basic circuit style training. This program is by far one of the most comprehensive programs I have tried. Designed to slowly get your body used to the exercise, then it keeps kicking your butt and constantly challenging you. The monthly strength test allows for the program to change with you. The one thing I love, and I mean LOVE about this program is that no two workouts are the same. I would highly recommend to beginners and experienced lifters alike. The workout itself is cardio, so for those of you who shy away, this will give you just that. Also, the program focuses on alternating muscle groups and tempo patterns from workout to workout. This means that your body stays confused. You know what they say, friends don’t let friends skip leg day. With this program, you will be saying Oh my Quad! You also get a good upper body too. This is one of the best Fat Loss and lean muscle programs I have done without the repetition of other programs that make you bored. Be mentally prepared and give it 110%. The results will speak for themselves (remember that the biggest battle is in the kitchen as well). Stack with proper nutrition and plenty of water for maximum success. Keep the pain train coming Steve!!!

  2. Giege
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I definitely didn’t expect this type of workout when I started this program. Being involved with fitness for over 20 years, I have been a runner, did P90x & Insanity, weight trained, & am a cardio lover… This program does it all! Perfect balance of weights & cardio. Very easy to read workouts, whether you print them or keep them on your phone. But what I really LOVE about this program is that it’s your own personal trainer, there is no more guesswork of what you should be doing with your time at the gym.. Just get through the exercises one by one & before you know it, your done! Since no workout is like another, i can’t wait to see what next month brings! Try this if you are craving something new & different for your body! G

  3. Gregory
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This program was my first experience with FeelFitastic and it was great to get a routine at the gym that was calibrated to my ability based on monthly strength tests. It never ceases to amaze me how spot on the workouts are to push me to my limits in a safe way. This workout keeps your heart rate up by integrating burped, push ups, Bodyweight squats, jumps, and other exercises in between resistance training exercises for target muscle groups. I was able to lose about a pound a week in the three months I used the program, while still gaining strength as my strength tests constantly increased. I did the strength conditioning program for three months and I’m about to start this program again at the end of the month, great programming. Thanks Steve and FeelFitastic! I highly recommend this program.

  4. Therese
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The program was exactly what I was expecting and some. It was super easy to understand the program and if I ever had questions the videos were great! I loved that if I didn’t have the machine or needed a different option I could change my option or a workout. It was so nice to be flexible on my time of when I could get in the gym if it was morning or afternoon I didn’t have to cancel on someone my workout was there waiting for me on line. I would for sure recommend this to anyone from beginner to someone who just needs a change and focus in workouts.

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Be sure to consult with your physician before starting any exercise program.

Q: Is the Fitastic “Adipose Incineration” Program for me?

A: If you’re up for an overall fat burning, toning, aerobic/resistance challenge with extraordinary results, then YES the Adipose Incineration (Fat Loss) Program is for you.  This isn’t your Grandma’s workout!

Q: What equipment will I need to successfully perform the Program?

A: A gym or studio setting will be required to perform the workouts in the Adipose Incineration program at it will have most all the equipment and tools necessary to complete the designated routines.  Having access to medicine balls and a BOSU ball would be an advantage in this program, but not essential.

Q: How much time should I expect to set aside for these workouts?

A: The Adipose Incineration workouts are designed with weekly comprehensive variations of intensity and volume. You can expect to invest 45 to 75 minutes per individual routine.

Q: What if I don’t have the time to put into the longer routines?

A: When you come across the longer duration weeks and your schedule doesn’t allow the time, you can make personal adjustments to the routine by trimming out some of the single joint, smaller muscle movements, or perhaps a simple aerobic exercise here or there.  Do your best to do as much of the program as you can in order to fit progressiveness into your busy schedule.  Ideally you should perform all movements under the specified direction as often as you can for optimal results.   You can even option to split some of the longer workouts into two sessions; one at the gym and then exercises you can perform at home.

Q: What if the weight prescribed is too heavy and I can’t complete the set?

A: No Problem, there could be two answers for this concern. However, if it comes down to you coming short of a repetition or two based on muscle fatigue, suck it up and force those final reps for maximum failure!

1.) Your determined weight for each exercise is strategically calculated per your Strength Test set up. The Strength Tests are formulated from multi-joint movements and give the best indicators to how the strength of all your muscles are activated. Assuming your Strength Tests you imputed are accurate and the weight is too heavy per a weakened range of motion from a specific muscle group, perform the most repetitions at the weight given with proper form and make a note of it for the preceding sets. For future sets, start by reducing the weight by 5 to 10 pound increments, until the modified weight falls in line with the repetition recommendation.

2.) As with all variety of exercise equipment, no two machine manufacturers are alike. Exercise equipment has various levers, pulley systems, weight distribution, and age. These variables may play a role in how the actual weight comes off the end of a cable and resistance to your muscle. It’s also notable to assure you’re using manufactured equipment that uses POUNDS and not KILOGRAMS, as some do. For prescribed weight that is “too heavy”, again start by reducing the weight in 5 to 10 pound increments, until the modified weight falls in line with the repetition recommendation.

Q: When Substituting an exercise, how do I know which exercise is right for me?

A: Not all exercises are appropriate for everybody, that’s why Fitastic has this custom built in feature. When selecting a substitution exercise, you will have options that derive from the primary muscle groups or aerobic movement associated to the original exercise. Play each video and read the detailed description attached for each replacement exercise to determine which alternative movement is right for you.

Q: How long do I need to commit to the Fitastic Adipose Incineration Program?

A: There is no maximum amount of time that you need to commit to the Adipose Incineration Program, you can cancel anytime.

Q: Can I switch to another Fitastic Program to change up my routine?

A:  For any reason you can switch the program by canceling out your current program and enroll into any of the other custom built programs you choose: Strength Training, Metabolic Toning and Advanced Body Burn are the most popular routines coming off the success of the Adipose Incineration program.

Reminder- Before you commit to switching programs, it’s again to be mentioned that this custom built regimen is designed on the development of perpetual progression. The longer you’re consistent, the greater increases you’ll notice in energy and daily personal production.  You will substantially lean up and gain muscular endurance throughout the duration of the program as your routines will progress along with you each step of the way.  NOTE: YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE PROGRAM AT A GIVEN TIME.

Q: When I’m through achieving the desired results from my Fitastic Program, how do I cancel?

A: To cancel your Fitastic Program, simply go into your Orders within your Profile tab and select the Cancel option to end your subscription.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: For any reason you do cancel, your program will end immediately and there will not be a refund. Take full advantage of your fat and weight loss in your program and soak in the results.


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