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Detox Infusion for Healthier Skin

Fitastic Improved Skin Detox InfuserMixing and creating new concoctions in your Infuser is half the fun and creates great conversation around the water cooler.  Combining some simple ingredients in your filter can aid in healthier skin appearance due to the ingredients valuable attributes and elements.  ALL NATURAL DETOX- No pills, No lotions, No potions required

Add: Lemon, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Mint, Apple, and Fill with Water.

The benefits of these combined natural ingredients have been long known throughout history and can give you that healthy skin you yearn for.

Infused Lemon & Cinnamon

Infused Lemon & Cinnamon StickEnjoying all the Seasonal flavors is one of the best enjoyments of life!  The combination of Lemon and Cinnamon infused in your water is no different; enjoy the benefits of another Fitastic favorite:


Lemon:  Due to the intense sour flavor of a lemon it’s not often consumed alone, but are extremely popular and beneficial when added to your meal planning.  A significant source of Vitamin C, lemons are a possible source for lowering stroke risks, can help fight the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer, and assist in maintain a healthy complexion.

Fitastic Lemon & Cinnamon Infuser ComboCinnamon:  Not only does the scent of cinnamon remind us of Fall and the Holiday’s, it carries a powerful punch in the benefit department.  Packed with antioxidant potency, cinnamon also promotes curbing of appetites and regulation blood sugar levels.

Infused Strawberry & Lime

However you like your flavored water, we bring you all the benefits and delicious variety that the Fitastic #motiv8nu4real Fruit Infuser offers:

Strawberry & Lime Infused combinationSTRAWBERRY & LIME Combination

Strawberries- The tiny strawberry is packed with Vitamin C, Fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols. Among being in the top 20 fruits for it’s antioxidant praise, strawberries also host great manganese and potassium

Limes- These citrus squirts are beneficial in promoting weight loss, enhancing skin care appearance, improving digestion, and adding relief from constipation.

Aside from the nutritious benefits, the Strawberry & Lime combination is a delightful blend of week and sour sure to entertain your tastebuds and keep you well hydrated.  Drink Up

Fruit Infuser

Strawberry Lime Infuser Flavor