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A quickly growing fitness brand that promotes sustainable fitness and lifestyle behaviors through an extensive library of exercise videos, easy to execute online fitness programming, and an abundance of healthy recommendations directly within our online community.  Quality value we provide here at Fitastic:

  • BUILD YOUR OWN WORKOUTS:  The only online service that provides users to Build Their Own Workouts resourcing 1,500+ detailed exercise videos FREE.  Sort, filter, and create your routines to your success.
  • FITASTIC DESIGNED ROUTINES:  Exclusive online program innovation to accelerate your results through the concept of Periodization.  Personalized Sets, Reps, Rest intervals, Speed of movement, and exact Weight Variations to lift are ALL BUILT IN.
  • RESIDUAL INSPIRATION:  Our Fitastic Team provides inspirational testimonials and supportive health habits through our weekly/monthly blogs.

Brand Motto: Every BODY deserves to feel Fitastic!

Backbone behind FITASTIC®:

Steve Trezek- CEO/Founder

Thank you for your time and attention in visiting my Fitastic site.   As the concept creator of the Fitastic brand, I’ve spent the last 20+ years making it my greatest intention to provide authentic information and value in fitness, nutrition and wellness while maintaining your inspiration along the way.   I’ve been intensely studying proven fitness principles and individualized nutrition fundamentals to benefit anyone seeking a healthier and greater quality of  life.

Steve Trezek- Fitastic FounderAs with most eager adolescences, I began my “strength training” ambitions in a makeshift gym within the confines of my parents garage when I was 15.  At the first touch of the York sand dumbbell, I was hooked.  The feeling of the pumped adrenaline and endorphin release was undeniable.  In 1993 I accelerated my own thirst for health & fitness improvement, and joined the big box gym, Bally Total Fitness.  I few short years later I made it a lucrative career for 17 strong years.  Continuing to develop my craft as a fitness professional, I earned my way through the ranks, leading up to Area Personal Training Supervisor for the Chicago and Wisconsin market.   Over this duration I committed to being a leader of several service teams in the health and fitness industry, labored closely with hundreds of the top trainers, life coaches and inspiring fitness figures.  My innovative approach and devotion to pursuing and communicating only the most credible and effective fitness information has resulted in servicing hundreds of clients successfully while simultaneously taking my own physique to maximum peak performance in the competitive Bodybuilding world, earning my Natural IFPA Pro status.
I am fastidious about delivering results in my own life and now make it my personal goal to contribute this value into your life through tangible, measurable and sustainable habits.  I have extremely high standards, and believe my programming ranks with the best on the planet.  The benefits you will receive are priceless, not to mention extremely affordable with my online turn-key platform.  It’s my top priority to coach and pass along my education and passion to as many people possible in order to reach their optimum results.  In order to fulfill this commitment I had to create the most comprehensive and user friendly fitness program resource available online; one that will lay out every detail, the roadmap to success.  Every user has the ability to draw from thousands of videos in a Build Your Own process, or take advantage of the proven strategies within the Fitastic Personalized Program Design.  Minimizing the excuses as to why “it can’t be done”.

I hope you agree that what I have personally designed for you in this online resource is a powerful tool that will help you create the healthiest and most fulfilling results you desire.

  • NASM certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified Instructor
  • Competitive Natural Bodybuilder since 2002
  • 2013 OCB Natural Midwest States Classic 1st place and Overall Champion- PRO CARD
  • 2013 NPC Natural Mid-states Muscle Classic 1st place and Overall Masters Winner
  • 2007 NPC Grand Prix Natural 1st place
  • 2007 NPC Grand Prix Natural “Best Poser” in show Award
  • 2006 NPC Grand Prix Natural 1st place and Overall Champion
  • 2006 NPC Mid-Illinois Ottawa 2nd place out of 27 in class
  • 2002 NPC Grand Prix Natural 1st place
  • 2002 NPC Grand Prix Natural “Best Abs” in show Award
  • 2002 Muscle Mania World Championships 2nd place
  • 2002 NANBF Midwestern Natural Muscle Classic 1st place and Overall Champion
  • Managed and Operated a top performing team of over 150 successful personal trainers within the Bally Total Fitness organization
  • Contributing Author to the SCIENCE OF FAT LOSS documentation of The World Scientist- Scientist’s Magazine
  • Contributing Author to the INCREASED WORKFORCE PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH WELLNESS documentation

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