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Steve November 5, 2018

Ask anyone that I coach through a successful Nutrition routine, and they’ll tell you that the simplicity of the system is essential.

There is no need to complicate the process of losing fat once you’ve made up your mind and have COMMITTED to making this promise to yourself. ┬áThere is no “Perfect Diet” or modification to your eating. As a matter of fact, the half-way decent diet you will STICK WITH is better than the “Perfect Diet” that you’re seeking and will never stick to.

This is simple enough that these 4 Starter Kit Steps are all you need to produce the fat loss results you FEEL you deserve. The idea is that it may start off as a “diet”, that turns into a habit, that becomes that lifestyle change. Here’s how you START.

I’ll have the proceeding 3 steps up and out within the next week. Best to find on YouTube.

Side Note: You’ve noticed that I’ve spent much less time on the how to’s and what to’s (what to eat, how to exercise, when’s the best time to do cardio, etc.) and have lately put more emphasis on digging deeper into the phyche of WHY you need greater health, fitness, and self-care in your life. Though, just in the event you’ve finally negotiated with yourself that the time has come to start making positive change in your nutrition… this will serve you well.

Every BODY deserves to feel Fitastic

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