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5 Reasons HOW Protein will Optimize your Fitness

Steve August 4, 2018


If improving your body composition is important to you, then protein intake must take a front seat in your daily eating habits.

Every person is unique with their needs of nutrition, but strategizing a plan to consume at least 1 gram of protein per body weight pound is a standard baseline to start. At least this is my target for my Coaching Clients. In fact, my clients will resonate hard with this because I discuss the benefits so much. Instead of putting emphasis on HOW much and WHAT proteins to eat, I’m delivering the WHY’s here in this message.

We know not all protein is created equal. However, we also know, I know, that most people are under consuming this valuable nutrient. Quality matters over quantity in the long run, but focusing on increasing protein consumption promptly will ignite the habits necessary to bring greater overall value to body & brain function, neurological feelings, and mindset.

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