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Slow Process to Sustainable Results

Steve January 7, 2016

It’s one thing to have a healthy goal, like weight loss, for New Year’s.  It’s another to set yourself up with unrealistic time lines, such as losing 10 lbs by the end of the week.  New Year resolutions can be the motivation you need to start the year out strong, but they can also give you unwarranted pressure to reach your goal ASAP.

Slow Process; Don't QuitWhether your normal routine has disappeared in lieu of Holiday celebrations and sweets, or if you’ve vowed that this is the year you’ll become a gym rat or gym doll, remember to pace the transition and take it slow; just don’t quit once you’ve started.  No matter what your beginning starting point is, taking it to the next level should involve a ramping up and not an all-out-7-day-4-hour-per-day routine blitzing on the body.  Let’s be honest, you’ve tried that barrage before in the past; how’d that work out for you?  This only leads to discouraging aches, pains, and unsustainable time allocations to fit this amount of long term activity into your schedule.  Not to mention injuries that may sideline you even when you want to keep going.

Want some strategies to help you start out slow and implement your routine gradually?  You’ll find all the recommendations here at feelfitastic.com throughout the entire month of January.  We’ve got tips on how to ramp up your workout once you’ve mastered your current one, how to restart exercise after an injury or sickness, and how to jump back on the fitness bandwagon after your exercise routine has taken a hiatus.

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