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Keep your CHIN UP

If you asked any trainer or strength coach to list the top 5 exercises that the majority of the population should be doing, pull ups and/or chin ups (or lat pull-downs) will predictably be on most every list.

It’s just universally considered one of the best exercise variations for building muscle and increasing strength in the back and biceps. It’s also a common “test” exercise used to show you’re at a certain level of strength and physical condition.  I of course agree with this completely, which is why every Fitastic workout routine I create will always contain some type of pull up, chin up, or lat pull-down movement; not to mention it’s a required Strength Test movement to Set Up your online program.

Interestingly however, many people don’t seem to realize that pull ups and chin ups are NOT the same thing. They’re similar exercises for sure, but using their names (more…)