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Banging BIG 3

When you hear a strength training or bodybuilding enthusiast refer to the “Big Three”, there’s a great chance they’re talking about the three power lifts: Barbell Squat, Barbell Deadlift, and Barbell Bench Press.  All three are fantastic exercises that use a vast number of muscle groups simultaneously, and all three are responsible for adding muscle and strength to a trainee’s frame.

In the opinion of some, they’re much more than that – they’re required for anyone serious about strength training, regardless of height, weight, limb proportion, genetics, and injury history.  If you’re not doing them, some “trainers” will insist that you’re not really training.  Heck, some online warriors are so extreme in their big three zealotry that they suggest Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 1.46.13 PMthat time spent on any additional movements is time wasted.  To that I say what a load of malarkey.  Unless you’re a competitive powerlifter they aren’t absolutely necessarily for ideal muscle and strength development, but they are extremely effective when executed correctly.  There are a load of additional movements that can be implemented into your training that will complement and keep up with the power of the BIG 3.

I personally enjoy and employ all three into my training regimen.  The conventional Barbell Squat is my single favorite exercise as I refer to it as the “king” (granted I am by no means the “strongest” squatter, though I’m always assuring my form is on cue along with all my other movements).  The Barbell Deadlift is a deep driver to strong development in the overall function of the body and the Barbell Bench Press goes without saying as it’s the quintessential maximizer to the upper body.  All three lifts are fantastic and virtually engage every major muscle group of your frame. Because these big basic compound exercises involve so many muscle groups, you can handle a lot of weight typically.  With that the Big 3 lifts test your body in all aspects of strength- mental, durability, and overall raw power.

As previously mentioned, I always include these Big 3 exercises in my own training frequently and certainly most often include these movements in the Fitastic online training programs for the users to reap great benefits from.  Here’s the thing, if you don’t care for heavy squatting, deadlifting, and pressing, most would say you’re screwed.  When I hear someone not caring for these lifts, I look at the root to WHY they don’t appreciate these game changers.  More often than not it’s caused by not really understanding HOW these lifts are executed and actually seeing results from them in due time.  Great news!  I’ll personally teach you and develop your skills of proper implementation through constant coaching within my programming.

Barbell Squat- Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hips, Glutes, Spinal erectors, and Lower back

Barbell Deadlift- Heavily works the entire back, Hips, Glutes, Hamstrings, and Forearm Grip

Barbell Bench Press- Pectoralis, Deltoids, and Tricep

The New Muscle & Strength Training Program and Strength Conditioning Program specifically host a generous dose of the Big 3 along with (more…)

Your Struggle is Part of Your Story


I can’t believe this was one year ago. Many friends are preparing to take the very same stage today and tomorrow, and I can honestly say for once I don’t have that itch to be up there too. This was the most difficult show I had prepared for not physically but mentally. I had absolutely terrible guidance, and I struggled with following a plan laid before me that I knew wasn’t working for me rather than deciding to do what my body felt was right. Competing for me has never been about winning a pro card, or being better than the girl next to me, but about being a better version of myself each time. This show I fell short of that in all aspects. I had never felt more let down. As much as I am trying to learn to let go of things, I still have a lot of resentment in my heart. It has been a good lesson learned, but it put a bad taste in my mouth and caused me to struggle for many months to come afterward.


I put my trust into people who failed me which then lead me to feel I failed myself. My prep was handed off from one person to another halfway through without a discussion about it. I was not even given a choice or even asked how I felt. I questioned things the entire way, and each time I was shot down and told, “Don’t worry,” “I’ll take care of it,” “Because I said so,” “Why do you question everything?” Don’t ever let anyone (more…)

No Brain, No Gain

Brain FoodHere’s a No Brainer, short and sweet… Your Brain needs a constant amount of glucose (a form of energy derived primarily from the carbohydrates consumed) in order to function properly. When glucose (blood sugar) levels are low, you may begin to feel faint and dizzy, shaky and or irritable because your brain cells aren’t getting enough blood sugar, or energy. Your brain also needs carbohydrates, along with an amino acid (protein) called tryptophan to produce serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter that assists in you feeling less stress, less pain, and signals your body that you’re full.