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Change Leads To Growth

Hello Fitastic family!

I apologize for my absence. You may have noticed change has been a popular thing with the Fitastic team lately. Steve dropped a new training program with many more things in the works. Wild Will has been killing his 16 week total body transformation and sharing hilarious videos along the way. So of course I’ve been making some big changes too! I’m writing this as I sit here in bright, sunshiney Florida……MY NEW HOME!!!  Yes! You read that right! I traded snow boots for flip flops, long sleeves for tan lines, and cornfields for palm trees on April 1st!  In January it was just a thought, in February we made the decision to move, and the last day of March we hit the road.


I’ve been here 5 weeks already, so what have I been up to?  Well, to be quite honest, not too much until recently. I thought we’d get down here, get settled, and I’d have a job and be back to a “normal” state again within a week or so. Wrong. The first few weeks were long days spent in the house not doing much of anything other than applying for jobs all day. The first job I applied and interviewed for seemed pretty promising. The interview went well, they seemed really pleased, and then decided to go with someone else. That was ok. No need to feel let down just yet. I applied for many jobs I didn’t hear from and followed up with some who never got my application in the first place. Way to go technology! Yet still nothing. After two weeks I was feeling really let down. Then I finally caught a bit of a break! Not only did I have one job offer, but TWO with only about 24 hours to make a decision. No pressure or anything. (more…)