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16 Week Total Body Transformation-The Meal Plan


16 weeks.

I (Wild Will) will be doing a total body transformation in 16 weeks. I am brining all of you around for the ride. You are going to see everything; for better or worse. Videos, pictures, vlogs and more. Think of it as a documentary series. I want to show everyone out there the reality of the situation. That situation being total body transformations. So many times we just see the before and after picture. We have no idea how that person got there. We don’t even know if we can trust that person. What with photoshop and all. We don’t know for sure if that transformation we are seeing is real or fake. Well no worries here! This transformation is filled with full disclosure. Nothing is off limits. My workouts, my meal plans, my supplements. You get to see it all over the next 16 weeks. There are going to be great days were I feel awesome!!! Then there will be days were I want to murder a stranger. A total body transformation is not easy. This is going to be a challenge. A challenge that I am 100% ready for. I hope you can feel my excitement. Please feel free to ask questions along the way on social media. I will be posting to FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube on my person and Fitastic accounts. I can’t contain my excitement for this. It is going to be crazy; the best kind of crazy!

So lets start with the meal plan. Here is my meal plan for the next 4 weeks. After these 4 weeks I will be going over in a video how I created this meal plan. The numbers, the food choices, everything. If this 4 week plan works and I see results all will be great. If I need to make some adjustments I will explain why and how. There is no such thing as a perfect meal plan. The “perfect” meal plan is the one that is changing to fit the needs of the goal. If you have any questions on my food selections or anything else regarding my meal plan please go ahead and ask. Like I said FULL DISCLOURSE. Get EXCITED!

Wild Will

Meal Plan Amount Calories Fats Carbs Proteins
Meal 1
Eggs 4 280.00 20.00 0.00 24.00
Ezikel Bread 2 slices 160.00 1.00 30.00 8.00
Almond Milk 8oz 40.00 3.00 2.00 1.00
Egg Whites 3 egg whites 75.00 0.00 0.00 15.00
Total Total 555.00 24.00 32.00 48.00
Meal 2
Egg Whites 10 250.00 0.00 0.00 50.00
Almond Milk 8oz 40.00 3.00 2.00 1.00
Total Total 290.00 3.00 2.00 51.00
Meal 3
Cod 4oz 90.00 1.00 0.00 20.00
Total Total 90.00 1.00 0.00 20.00
Pre Workout
Cream of Rice 1/4 cup dry 175.00 1.00 31.00 3.00
Chocolate Syurp Waldens 2 TBSP 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Egg Whites 10 250.00 0.00 0.00 50.00
Almond Milk 8oz 40.00 3.00 2.00 1.00
Intra Workout
Intra MD 2 scoops 240.00 0.00 60.00 0.00
Post Workout
Egg Whites 10 250.00 0.00 0.00 50.00
Almond Milk 8oz 40.00 3.00 2.00 1.00
Honey 1 TBSP 60.00 0.00 17.00 0.00
Almonds 1/4 cup 180.00 16.00 6.00 7.00
Total Total 1,235.00 23.00 118.00 112.00
Meal 4
Chicken 6 oz 240.00 12.00 0.00 33.00
Jasmine Rice 1 cup 120.00 0.00 40.00 3.00
Total Total 360.00 12.00 40.00 36.00
Egg Whites 3 egg whites 75.00 0.00 0.00 15.00
Almond Milk 16oz 80.00 6.00 4.00 2.00
Egg 1 70.00 5.00 0.00 6.00
Total Total 225.00 11.00 4.00 23.00
Total Total 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Grand Total Total 2,755.00 74.00 196.00 290.00







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