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Wide Grip Barbell Bench Press FEATURE

Steve February 9, 2015

Ah, the Bench Press… the most common exercise for working and building the development of the chest.  For both Men and Women alike, a tighter more developed chest is often desired.  However after so many weeks, months, and years of training, we sometimes hit that proverbial wall and stop gaining results in the pectoral region.  How do we avoid stalemate in creating a masterful chest?


Never lose sight of all the variety, angles and degrees this muscle can be targeted; heavy weight, light weight, incline, decline, but let’s not forget how WIDE and expansive our variations can be.

Adding a Wide Grip to your Press can provide a jolt back on the fast track to stimulating this highly sought after showcased muscle.  Not to mention the intensity it brings from your Delt and Tricep tie ins as well.


PECTORALIS MAJOR-  Targeting the pectoralis major muscle, the wide grip press is an intensive exercise primarily to the lateral or outer chest fibers.  This popularly large muscle is the prime mover of arm flexion and is used extensively for activities such as climbing, throwing and pushing.

TRICEPS- Usually you correlate narrow grip pressing with tricep targeting, but let’s not discount the effort a wide grip bench press provides on this muscle.  The primary job of the three headed triceps monster is to extend the arm at the elbow. The long head of the tricep also helps stabilize the shoulder joint during a wide grip press.

DELTOIDS- The deltoid is a single muscle that makes up the majority of the shoulder.  This muscle has three attachment heads; the anterior, medial and posterior. The medial and posterior heads stabilize the shoulder joints during the wide grip bench press while the anterior head assists the pectoralis major in flexing the arm. You can target your anterior deltoids even more so with a wide grip incline press.

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