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Optimize Strength Gains and Avoid Over Training- PERIOD!

Steve February 15, 2015
In order for YOU to change, your TRAINING needs to change!

In order for YOU to change, your TRAINING needs to change!

We stay committed in the gym, we use proper form, we know the layout of the gym like the back of our hand and know what works for our body, right?!… so why do we hit a wall and stop seeing results?!  Simple, we stop shocking and forcing our body to adapt.  In addition to gaining valuable training “experience” over the years, our body grows wiser and it becomes more challenging, even uncompromising at times, to force it to anything more.  When you are relentless in pushing and pulling in the gym with no concrete strategy other than “Beast Mode”, you get injured or beat up.  Very few things devour deserving progress faster than “middle ground” training.  That is, always training with the same reps, set structure and with the same intensity.  If you continue workout after workout in the default mode of 10 to 12 repetitions with NO fluctuation to variables, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but development and results are simply wading around in No-Gain’s land.

We could all argue until the end of time about what is the best theory to use when designing a workout.  I feel, that for most, a periodized workout is the best for optimizing strength and avoiding any over training. Periodization is the gradual cycling of linear or staggered intervals to specificity, intensity, load (weight) and volume of training to achieve peak levels of strength and physical performance.  Variable cycles should shift gradually from high volume and low intensity to low volume and high intensity over a reasonable training duration; often a healthy combination of Hypertrophy, Strength, and Power phases.  Periodization training is a sure way to get past training plateaus or to renew your enthusiasm if your training has stagnated.

Fortunately, at Fitastic, I use these exact strategies and time tested principles resourced directly within my training toolbox to break anyone out of their lethargic training rut.  When applying these strategized tactics (Strength Conditioning or Muscle & Strength) into your routine, the mass variables will ultimately lead you to maximum strength and development.

In order for YOU to change, your TRAINING needs to change… Always!

In good health,


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