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Infused Strawberry & Lime

Steve January 3, 2015

However you like your flavored water, we bring you all the benefits and delicious variety that the Fitastic #motiv8nu4real Fruit Infuser offers:

Strawberry & Lime Infused combinationSTRAWBERRY & LIME Combination

Strawberries- The tiny strawberry is packed with Vitamin C, Fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols. Among being in the top 20 fruits for it’s antioxidant praise, strawberries also host great manganese and potassium

Limes- These citrus squirts are beneficial in promoting weight loss, enhancing skin care appearance, improving digestion, and adding relief from constipation.

Aside from the nutritious benefits, the Strawberry & Lime combination is a delightful blend of week and sour sure to entertain your tastebuds and keep you well hydrated.  Drink Up

Fruit Infuser

Strawberry Lime Infuser Flavor

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