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Infused Lemon & Cinnamon

Steve January 4, 2015

Infused Lemon & Cinnamon StickEnjoying all the Seasonal flavors is one of the best enjoyments of life!  The combination of Lemon and Cinnamon infused in your water is no different; enjoy the benefits of another Fitastic favorite:


Lemon:  Due to the intense sour flavor of a lemon it’s not often consumed alone, but are extremely popular and beneficial when added to your meal planning.  A significant source of Vitamin C, lemons are a possible source for lowering stroke risks, can help fight the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer, and assist in maintain a healthy complexion.

Fitastic Lemon & Cinnamon Infuser ComboCinnamon:  Not only does the scent of cinnamon remind us of Fall and the Holiday’s, it carries a powerful punch in the benefit department.  Packed with antioxidant potency, cinnamon also promotes curbing of appetites and regulation blood sugar levels.

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