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VOTE Your Most INSPIRATIONAL and MOTIVATIONAL Transformation of the Year!

wildmanwill84 December 4, 2014

Now is the time! Let your voices be heard!

This has been an amazing year of motivation and inspiration here at Fitastic. Over this past year we have featured 11 unique transformations that have inspired us.  Your positive feedback on their journeys have been overwhelming, enough so that we want to know who is the most inspirational and motivational in 2014.  It is up to you to decide who was and is the most inspirational and motivational to you. Whose story inspired you to change and push yourself to achieve your health and fitness goals?  Whomever gets voted most inspirational will be named our Transformation of the Year and be re-featured in January 2015.  All voting will end on Monday, December 22th.

Click on the Athlete/Transformation below to showcase their featured story and VOTE BELOW:

February: Ben Chimoski

March: Heather Hayes

April: Anthony Fleischhauer

May: Jan Wilson

June: James Fascetta

July: Nicole Huberty 

August: Edward Honn

August: Libertine Grace Venzuela

September: Ashlee Adams

October: Cathi Trezek

November: Mary Sandberg

Thank you for your honest vote.

To another inspirational year ahead,

TEAM Fitastic.

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