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Done with the Sickness

wildmanwill84 December 7, 2014

Done with the Sickness

A Wild Will Update

Welcome back my friends. I hope you all enjoyed last month’s blog of honesty. That was a fun and therapeutic blog to write.  It felt good to get that all off of my

All Set and Ready to go!

All Set and Ready to go!

chest. I was pumped and ready to begin the year of the big bulk, but then…

I got sick. I don’t mean a cold, headache or flu. No, I had a full on stomach virus for three weeks. It all started the Sunday I posted that Follow Your Allow. My stomach started to feel like it was tied up in knots. First I lost my appetite for anything, then I lost my strength and then I couldn’t hold down anything I tried try to eat.

I had days were I felt ok but still didn’t eat anything but saltine crackers. My wife was extremely helpful by making me chicken noodle soup which seemed to help. I wasn’t able to teach the way I usually do at Orangetheory.  I started to feel a bit better by the Kevin Noble show. I wasn’t 100% but I pushed through it because I knew that on a day like that I need to be on my A game. I was able to eat solid food which was great. I made it through Sunday and then Monday night things went from ok, to bad, to worse!! I woke up early Tuesday morning face first in the toilet bowl. It was time to go to the doctor.

It turns out I was extremely dehydrated and need 4 IV bags and plenty of antibiotics. The results came back that I had a stomach virus brought on by eating food that was prepared with unwashed hands (GROSS!).  That was my Thanksgiving week my friends: lying in bed just trying to get better.

Finally after a week of bed rest I was starting to feel normal. So December 1st I made my way back to the gym for the first time. I prepped my meals and the big bulk was back on schedule.  It will be day 7 of 365 when this blog is posted. This first week has not been easy. I spent 3 weeks having no motivation and no drive to do anything but stay in bed and recover. I just wasn’t able to jump back into it. I went from go go go to nothing, more nothing and even more nothing. It wasn’t until I met with Coach Steve for our weekly Fitastic meeting where, as always, he said the motivating words I needed to hear to get my ass back in gear. So here I am: no longer have sick and full of the motivation and the drive to finally achieve the goals I have wanted to achieve for years. My arrow has been shot and now I just have to follow it. Get Excited!!!

www.feelfitastic.comCheck back with me next month. That will be a full 30+ plus on the big bulk.

Wild Will Wilson

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