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Hbombs December 21, 2014

“I want shoulder caps like theirs.” “I want my bicep peaks just like that.” “I want abs like hers.” “I wish my legs were that defined.” “I wish my glutes were as round as hers.” “I wish one day that my back will look like that.”

I want, I want, I want. I wish, I wish, I wish. I know many people in this boat. There was a time when all I wanted and wished for was the physique of someone else. I wanted Nicole Wilkins shoulders, Amanda Latona’s glutes, Michelle Lewin’s abs, Dana Linn Bailey’s back, and so much more. I chased the pump day in and day out hoping one day I would be just like them. To have all of these features that mirrored them.


Then one day my mindset changed. I looked in the mirror, and was happy with what I saw. I was so busy wanting to look like someone else that I didn’t even stop to see the changes my body was making along the way. I was amazed, surprised, and finally started to wonder why on earth I wanted to be like someone else. I loved the new me! I was building my own body in my own way. The best part about it is that no matter how hard anyone else tries, I am the only person that can be and form the mold of myself.

The most important thing I have learned so far is that you must love your body every step of the way. There will be days that you are at your absolute best, and there may also be days that you are at your worst. Don’t worry about those days. They are just bumps in the road that you’ll get through. There’s nothing wrong with looking to others for motivation and inspiration, but just remember that the ultimate goal is to be the best version of you possible. Not a secondary version of someone else.


This next bit is from my very first blog post at themightyhbombs.blogspot.com and still to this day I feel it is very important. Sometimes you just need a little reminder…

“Sometimes I feel, I’m sure many of us feel, we need to be perfect. I agree we should always strive for perfection, but no one is PERFECT and never will be. What happens when you reach your ultimate goal? You want more, right? It’s a continuous cycle of trying to be better than you once were before.

Yesterday a teammate of mine told me rather than trying to live up to “being perfect” they live life by “inches.” Every inch gets you closer to your goal. Every rep, every meal, every last detail is what brings it all together. So I’m going to try to think about every inch it takes to get there rather than trying to “be perfect” in everything I do. Be YOU, strive for YOUR best. There will be trial and error, failure and success, but THAT is what will make you the best you that you can be.

When I was little my dad would tell me Thomas the Tank Engine stories(he was an engineer so it was fitting.) Of course, at the end Thomas always thought he wouldn’t make it up the hill. Then he’d start saying, “I think I can! I think I can!” And wouldn’t you know it, everytime he made it! As crazy as it seems, sometimes I have to chant this to myself in my head but it works! When you’re giving it your all and you’re on the brink of giving up stop and look at how far you’ve come. Don’t worry about how much farther you have to go. The journey is half the fun! ”


Do this for you. Create your own vision of your best self and go after it! Love yourself!


Be You,





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