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Follow Your Arrow

wildmanwill84 November 9, 2014

Follow Your Arrowfeelfitastic.com

Oh how this journey has taken me on so many different turns and spins. I’ve had some great ups and quite a few downs.  It was never the actual training part that put me in a tailspin but the mental aspect.  It was the weight gain and then the weight loss. Not knowing what I truly wanted; the always present thought of what other people are thinking. All of that combined caused to me second guess everything. I’d be in a great place following a plan and then BAM negative comment and I’m all over the place, starting to start over once again. I have given way too many people power over my mind and thoughts. Well enough of that crap. I’ve finally come to the realization of reality. That reality being that I need to do this for me; to do what I want to do with my life; and not give a damn what others think.

When I started this journey it was all about the stage. All about getting up there in board shorts with awesome hair, a dark tan and shredded muscle waiting to hear
my name called. That was my focus; that was my goal. Fun fact, that goal wasn’t true to me. Not to say I am against competing, I still have desire to get up on stage to showcase what hard work looks like. However, what happens when I step off stage? Winner or loser; what happens when the next day comes? The show is over; the pictures went up on Face Book and Instagram. People said nice things and now what? Coming to that realization has had a tremendous impact on my attitude. I was training for a day, for a few moments on stage. I was not training for physical and mental health. That kind of thinking causes one to think drastically and short term. Nothing good comes from that kind of thinking. The honest to god truth that I have told very few people is that I am more concerned with fitness modeling then I am competing. If I don’t compete I will not regret my life. However, if I don’t go for that modeling contract I will have let myself down. I have not told many people this out of fear of being laughed at. How odd that I was being laughed at either way, so why the fear. So now the journey changes and continues all at the same time.

www.feelfitastic.comI have seen great results off the Fitastic Adipose Incineration program. One of the few programs I was able to stick with longer than 2 months.  I have dropped nearly 30lbs, decreased body fat and for once in my life I can see striations between my delts, biceps, triceps and chest.  I could not be happier. However since dropping that weight I have come to the realization that I actually have a small frame and a small waist. I’m currently wearing a size medium shirt with a 32” waist.  This smaller frame on top will do me no good in the world of fitness modeling. So with that it’s time to bulk! This may sound familiar because I tried this once before nearly a year ago to the date. I made lots of mistakes and gained a whole lotta fat on my frame. Good thing I’ve learned from those mistakes. The biggest mistake I made was mindset. It was all wrong and all over the place with the worst kind of influences. Not anymore! Now that I have freed myself from my own fears of judgment my mind is just were it needs to be. Focused, determined and positive!!

So with all of that, on November 23rd the day after the Kevin Noble show beings the real physical transformation. November 23rd 2014 to November 23rd 2015 will be a year long journey to build 25lbs or so of lean mass to my frame. I thought the first transformation was all physical nope, wrong, that was the mental transformation. This upcoming year long transformation is the true physical transformation. It is going to be slow; it is going to be fairly boring. It is going to be heavy weight and lots of food; most importantly it is going to be consistent.  My true goal of getting on the covers of fitness magazines is going to require a much larger frame then I currently have. I need to build that lean mass to even be looked at. It is a yearlong transformation because that is what it is going to take. No easy way out, no way to avoid hard work. As we all know, anything worth having doesn’t come without hard work and getting your hands dirty.

As odd as my excitement of yearlong slow journey might be to some. They don’t understand how freeing it is to truly say what you want in life and go get it regardless of what the others are going to say.

There is a beautiful country song called “Follow Your Arrow” by Kasey Musgraves in her song she sayswww.feelfitastic.com

“You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, so you might as well do whatever you want, so make lots of noise, Follow your arrow wherever it points”

It makes sense, the people talked when I succeeded and talked when I failed; so what’s the point.

My name is Will Wilson, most know me as Wild Will Wilson or W3 and my goal in life is to become a well-respected Fitness model and positive role model for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. To become a respected fitness brand that embodies the ideals of trust, dedication and respect. To have my name known around the world as a caring person who helps anyone who is willing to help themselves.

Gosh darn is it freeing to say those words. To say what I am really thinking without fear. Honesty is always the best policy.

The Wild Will Transformation has shifted to focusing on how to put on quality, lean muscle mass. Along with positive victories of those I share my life and journey with. No more smack downs, no more attacks It’s about change, it’s about happiness. Join me will you? Follow my arrow.

Wild Will Wilson (W3)








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