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October Transformation of the Month- Cathi Trezek

wildmanwill84 October 3, 2014

October Transformation of the Month- Cathi Trezek

This is a momentous month Fitastic friends! This is the first of many transformations that have come directly from our community while achieving their transformation success using Fitastic fitness programming. If Cathi’s last name sounds familiar, it is because Cathi is the wife of our very own Coach Steve Trezek. www.feelfitastic.comCathi is the perfect example of what happens when you follow your fitness roadmap, make the time and dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle.  As you will see in her pictures and story, Cathi has earned greater internal wellness and external physical accomplishments from our personalized Fitastic workout routines and services. However that is not the only reason why Cathi has been selected for this transformation. Cathi was chosen because she is a proud Mother of two young children and is living, walking, and talking proof that the excuses that a person is “too busy”to be healthy is just that, an excuse. How many times have you heard, I’m a busy Mom I can’t get to the gym; I’m overweight because of my kids; I eat the food my kids eat so that’s why I am overweight. My body has changed because of my kids so I’m stuck this way. The list goes on and on and on; just excuse after excuse. Well Cathi proves that excuses do not have to exist. Being a full time Mommy of two with a schedule fit to keep anybody’s head spinning and having had medical issues before and after her pregnancies, no excuses have stopped her from achieving her goals. Read her story below and along with her responses to my questions.  As you will read Cathi gives a whole new meaning to the term “Super Mom”.  Wild Will

Cathi’s Story

My love for fitness and working out all started when I was young and I would sit on my Dad’s back while he did push-ups, or when he would tickle me while I laid behind his back during his sit-ups. Throughout my school days I played basketball, softball, lifted weights in the “pit”. When I moved California I discovered my love for running, but also was a member at 24 Hour Fitness where I would still lift weights. Not until moving back to Illinois and signing up at Bally Total Fitness did I truly know how weight lifting could be my new love of my life. Not to mention, also meeting my Husband Steve there. For the next few years I would lift heavier weight, put on mass, diet, all as I became intrigued with Figure Competitions. My first competition was June of 2006, from then on I competed a total of 6 times from 2006-2008. I became Mrs. Trezek August of 2009. In January of 2011 we found out we were expecting out first child in October, throughout my first pregnancy, I have to admit, it was a wonderful pregnancy. I felt great, the only thing wrong was the game my mind was playing on me in regards to my physical appearance, I worked out until I reached 8 mos pregnant and then my Doctor told me I needed to stop. I went from being in the best shape of my life to pregnant and gaining 33lbs, I was swollen EVERYWHERE. 

www.feelfitastic.comOur Daughter Johnna was born on October 2011 via emergency C-Section. I was not cleared to return to my workout for 10 weeks, yes 10 WEEKS! I was miserable. Upon returning, 10 weeks later, I could not believe how much muscle I lost and how weak I was. I felt like a beginner. But, that only helped my determination! For the next 9 months I lost 30 of the 33lbs, and put on some of the mass I had lost. Then, found out we were expecting our second child. My pregnancy with Joey was not as wonderful, I was extremely nauseas every day, all day for 12 weeks. My body was not happy with me, I was very uncomfortable, extreme pain in my SI joint, gained a total of 35lbs. I still pushed to workout until I was 7 mos pregnant. Our son Joey was born via C-section April 2013.This time I only waited 4 weeks before I returned to the gym, but with limitations of course. Limitations from my 2 C-Sections 18 months apart, umbilical hernia, diastasis, and torn right rotator cuff. I was very depressed with how many “imperfections” I saw in my body, imperfections to my eyes. 

So for the last year and a half I have busted my ass, pushed through my limitations and am happy to say I have lost a total of 38lbs, have 13.8% body fat. How did I do it you ask? If you believe a goal in your heart, you will overcome any obstacle that gets in your way. I have my strength, mass, and endurance back. I have done 2 workout programs, both took me to a whole new level of pushing my limits. Strength Training is a personalized program which assisted me in getting my strength and size back. Adipose Incineration, also a personalized program helped my endurance and conditioning quickly, helped me dial in. All it took was 3 days a week, working smarter, not harder. It was awesome having all the guess work taken out for me meaning weight, sets, reps, rest periods were all calculated for me based from my personalized strength assessment. Even post 2 pregnancies I never thought I could reach my goal, but I DID and I’m even below my pre-pregnancy weight. YAY! Train hard, love life, laugh often. God Bless”
Both can be found on feelfitastic.com

We are all dealt a hand of cards. Sometimes the cards are in your favor, other times they are against you. It’s all about how you handle those cards. Do you cash in and give up or do you put on your poker face and keep playing. Cathi played for keeps and won.


 1) As a mother of two pursuing and reaching her fitness goals. How do you feel when you hear other Mothers who our out of shape blame www.feelfitastic.comtheir children and “being a mom” as a reason why they are out of shape and have no time for a workout?

It’s always easier to blame someone else for your shortcomings, some people find it easier to just make excuses, as the easiest thing to do, is nothing at all. If you want something bad enough, you make the time and serve it as a priority. On days I’m unable to get to the gym, even if I have a 10 minute window between my kids naps, I’ll do some crunches, body weight squats, calf raises, something. I take the responsibility and put the effort in.

2)  How do you keep your nutrition on point?

Anyone with children will understand just how picky they could be when it comes to eating and our kids are no exception.  Our intention has always been to keep “healthy”meals in front of them, but when they’re so sensitive and unwilling to try different textures, flavors, or even colors it makes it difficult to keep them nourished with these alternatives.  So we been forced to keep some the kids favorites hostage in the house; you know the chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, and tater tots (at least in our case) along with a host of the fun healthy options to snack on.  It was challenging at first to create the balance of eating again with the new food distractions in the house and the adaptation to my new life of Mommy duties. However, once we settled into that lifestyle, making low fat, nutritious meals on a daily basis became a habit again.

www.feelfitastic.com3)  How did you make time to train post pregnancy and currently with the lifestyle that you live?

That wasn’t easy either, but I made it a priority to get active as soon as I was cleared to.  I resourced the Fitastic Bodyweight exercise library and began working out at home 3 days per week.  Eventually I made it back to the gym at least 4 days per week. I’ll go first thing in the morning while my Husband is still home and my babies are sleeping; I’ll get up to an hour of exercise in as the Fitastic routines hold me accountable to my specific movements and the time allocated. Then my day begins on a perfect note, I have all day to be with my babies and get everything else done that goes along with being a full time Mommy. It also gives me energy and endurance for my busy days, added patience, focus, and added self-esteem to my Mommy body.

4) As an “in shape mom” do you experience other mothers making passive aggressive comments based on how you look compared to them?

LOL, yes all the time. I’ve been accused of being “on” something several times. Or “how much work has she had done, after 2 kids, there’s no way she bounced back that quickly!” I find it very humorous, those comments just add more fuel to my fire, and so I smile and say “Thank You”. On that note, these are usually the same Askholes who are at the gym just runnin’ their mouths instead of running on a treadmill, in full makeup/hair done, using the gym as their social scene. Try shutting the mouth, and attempt to go pick up a weight, I’ll even correct your form for you. Hahaha

5) As a women who lifts weights, how do respond when other women say they won’t lift weights because they don’t want to get bulky?

This is such a poor perception of what lifting weight actually does and how it is so beneficial to females. Lifting weights safely increases resting metabolic rate, proper blood flow, helps bone density etc. We as women do not have the natural hormones that men do to potentially build bulky muscle. Every opportunity I have, I attempt to persuade my Mom friends to implement some type of resistance training into daily routine.

Note from Steve:

“As husband, best friend, and loving Father, I couldn’t be more proud of what Cathi has overcome and accomplished through her experiences leading up to andwww.feelfitastic.com through the birthing our two beautiful children.  Losing the “Baby weight”and creating a balanced healthy lifestyle post pregnancy hasn’t been easy or automatic for her.  I’ve seen her commitment and dedication to her exercise regimen and proper eating habits first hand and I’ll tell you, when anyone wants something bad enough they’ll do just about anything to make it happen.  She’s done it all without sacrificing the kids attention, neglecting her Mommy responsibilities and staying positively consistent to the end result.  The most impressive part of her commitment is that she’s doing it for no one other than herself.  She’s not out to impress anybody, prove anybody wrong, or prepare for any competition…  She’s doing it for LIFE.

Sure there are women out there that have had more difficulties, even over the two cesarians (one emergency) as mentioned above, and gained more weight during their pregnancy, but the greatest story I tell others of my wife’s journey is her self preservation and preparation before and during our babies development through nutritious eating and a regular exercise regimen.  Yes, you can take action and provide the best self care for your children and yourself during your pregnancy- it’s just that, TAKE ACTION!

 I love you babe and thank you for setting a great example for our Children.”

WOW, goose bumps my friends. Be sure to leave your comments on Face Book. Let us know what you think.

W3 (Wild Will Wilson)

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