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Never Let Them Dull Your Sparkle

Hbombs October 12, 2014

I was reading a thread on Facebook about a bunch of females talking about how unsupportive their significant others were being of their weightloss/fitness journeys. Wait, what?! Would these men rather them feel insecure, unhealthy, or whatever it is they’re feeling about themselves instead of doing something that makes them feel better? It was completely mind blowing and definitely heart breaking to read through the comments and see things like, “He thinks I will get too bulky.” “It will take away from time together.” “He won’t allow me to lift.” No, no, and 100% NO!


Even more interesting to me is that some of these women felt they should respect that decision. Hold it right there missy! You didn’t ask to go out and buy a new car, a new home, or take out a $100,000 loan. You decided you wanted to change the way you look and feel about YOURself! No one has ownership over you and your body. You have the decision making power over that. If someone is going to tell you that they don’t like that then tell them to kick rocks!




You will not, I repeat you WILL NOT get bulky from lifting weights! Cupcakes can make you bulky(not really….unless you eat the whole batch at once) and steroids can make you bulky. Females do not produce enough testosterone to get the “bodybuilder” look. I have been lifting as heavy as I can for the better half of two years and am far from ever looking like that. I also refuse to put steroids into my body so that look will never happen for me nor is that the look I’m going for.

It won’t take away time from each other unless you let it. You learn to prioritize and reorganize your life better. If anything it has helped me be on a schedule better. I have friends who work full time jobs, balance school and a job, full time moms, moms who hold down a job and home life, and the list goes on. When they decided they wanted to change their life they reorganized their schedule to fit things in like time with their significant other, kids, friends, etc. Some of them get up at the crack of dawn for 4 a.m. gym sessions to be able to have family time or run their kids to practice, help with homework, and have dinner on the table in the evening. Others go at 10 p.m after their day is done and everyone else is in bed for the night. It’s all about managing your time wisely, and if you’re serious about it then it becomes second nature.

For those who have been told they’re “not allowed” wow is all I can say to that. For me personally, anyone who tells me that about anything really doesn’t have a place in my life. I am blessed with someone who is supportive of me no matter what. My happy moments, sad moments, crazy busy life moments, and everything in between. I support him right back with any decisions he makes. That’s what you have each other for! If you don’t have someone like that then I think it’s time to reevaluate your relationship. You should NEVER, ever, ever not do something that you truly desire because someone else doesn’t like it. End of story.

You want to lose weight? That’s a great goal! You want to build some lean muscle mass? You do it! You want to step on stage? You’ve got this! Heck, you want to climb Mount Everest? Reach for the sky!!! Last but certainly not least, never let them dull your sparkle! You are capable of so much. Show the world what you’re made of!

YOU matter most,


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