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I’m all about the Diabetes, No Exercise.

wildmanwill84 October 1, 2014

I’m all about the Diabetes, No Exercise.

www.feelfitastic.comIf you have turned on the radio in the past few weeks you have more than likely heard a little ditty called “All about the Bass”by Megan Trainor. In this song she sings about how it’s ok to be a “big girl with some booty booty”and that if you are into “skinny bitches”then move along. Megan Trainor (I trust the irony of her last name is not lost on you) is part of this new “positive body image”movement for overweight people. Now nothing is wrong with having a positive body image but you can’t claim that line when you sing this phrase

“Cause of every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”

followed by

“I’m bringing booty back, go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that”

Three things here

1)      You can’t tell one of group they are perfect from the bottom to the top and call another group skinny bitches

2)      Megan darling, have you been to an IFBB Pro Bikini show? Booty never left. (Can I get an amen from the Bikini girls)

3)      Why is it that only big girls can now have a positive self-image? Why can’t all women have a positive self-image? What about the skinny girls, the fit girls, the tall, the short, the curvy why can’t all girls or women have a positive self-image?

www.feelfitsatic.com Now this is a topic I have been posting about on my Face Book page for some time. There is this growing movement that claims it’s ok to be overweight and out of shape. That regardless of your size you are beautiful unless of course you are a skinny girl, oh I’m sorry “skinny bitch” or if you are a male with massive amounts of muscle, oh I’m sorry “steroid freak”. Ah I gotta remember to get these insults right.

So basically we now have a group claiming victim status while being the bully. It must be nice to have your cake and eat it too! (Pun fully intended)

These groups keep claiming that they are not going to be some, as Megan puts it “stick figure silicone Barbie doll”, but what they do not seem to understand is that NO ONE IS SAYING THAT!!! These people live in this la la land where they think “society” wants them to all have huge boobs, be size 0 and only run around in bikinis. The only society I can think of that wants that is the latest bro country tune to top the charts. For the dudes out there who think society wants them to be all ripped and shredded. Guess what it’s the overweight women who “hate” skinny bitches that want that. Why do you think it’s young, hot, muscular dudes on the covers of their romance novels? Gee, you ever think about that.  Yes we have air brushed models, but if you are really against the air brushing then don’t purchase these products. In fact Dove has a wonderful campaign where they do no air brushing. Also if you know that it is air brushed and fake why do you let it bother you? It’s like being afraid of the fake ghosts hanging in the trees during this Halloween season; you know they’re fake!

It makes no sense. None of these groups make any sense. They want it both ways; they want to be the victim and the bully. They want to spread positive body www.feelfitastic.comimage while objectifying the opposite sex. Why don’t they make any sense? Why don’t they see the error of their ways? How can they be so blind? Easy, because they are desperate; they are desperate because they are going to do everything in their power to take the blame away from themselves. It’s a lot easier to go through life not having to be responsible for your choices. It’s even easier when you find a group of likeminded individuals. Then you throw in bloggers, Instagram, twitter hashtags, movements and Face Book campaigns. Add in some fluff pieces on the morning news shows; mix it all together and BAM you get Megan Trainor with the #1 song in America singing about their movement. Yes Megan, it’s pretty clear that “you aren’t a size 2”, what’s not so clear is you and the rest of your movements hidden agenda; to make it “ok” to be out of shape. Once that happens they will never ever have to feel bad about that extra cupcake and lack of gym membership ever again.  Never again will they have to answer to their poor lifestyle choices. That is until….BOOM!


Yes those are just a few of the many health risks involved with an unhealthy lifestyle that Megan and her friends are so eager to make acceptable.  This girl Megan and her followers tell young girls and boys that every inch of them is beautiful from the bottom to the top so go ahead and be overweight its ok, its fun, you’re with the cool kids. So these young kids already at risk because of the crap food out there now have adults telling them that its “ok” to be unfit and unhealthy.  That is why I am so HEATED over this! This movement has some serious health risks associated with it. It also only promotes positive self-image for overweight people. Do you know how many times I have heard bikini competitors referred to as “whores”, bodybuilders called “steroid cheating freaks”? What about the girls who are just skinny in general with no curves? Since they don’t have big butts or hips are they not “real” women.

This next point I am bolding to really drive the point home.

Let me end here and say that I do not and will never condone an unhealthy lifestyle to look a certain way. Whether that is eating cupcakes www.feelfitastic.comfor breakfast because “boys like a little more booty to hold at night” or starving yourself or taking drugs to get the best physique possibly. Unhealthy is unhealthy regardless of the way you want to look. No one has to be a size 22 and no one has to be a size 2. You just have to be healthy. You can be a big girl with a big butt and be healthy; abs, big biceps, tiny waists and big boobs have nothing to do with health. So here is what you need to do is reach for lean cuts of protein, eating veggies and fruit and being moderately active in your lifestyle. You do not have to be a gym bunny or gym rat to be healthy. You do not have to down protein shakes to be healthy. Just follow the simple rules, exercise 3x a week, eat breakfast, eat lunch, eat dinner, eat whole real foods. Get out and walk a few times a week, take the stairs. We all know what to do, it’s not hard. What is hard is facing the mirror and saying that you look the way you do because of your choices. You just have to be brave.

 Be healthy, be happy, be positive. End of story.

Wild Will Wilson (W3)

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