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“This time baby, I’ll be bullet proof”

wildmanwill84 September 24, 2014

This Time baby, I’ll be bullet Proof

be-bulletproof-banner-imageSome of you may remember last Fall when I was “prepping” for my 1st Fitastic booth showing on November 16th. I had done prep for 9 weeks and dropped nearly 50lbs. I felt great, I looked great but my attitude was not great. I didnt have a bad attitude, I had the wrong attitude. I kept telling myself 9 more weeks, now 8 more weeks and then I can eat the foods I want. I followed my meal plan 100% for 9 straight weeks and as soon as November 17th hit it was BAM back to the way I used to eat.  Only temporary I told myself, I earned it I said, Ill be able to bounce back. Um…Nope! Not so much. I put about 25 of the pounds back on within a few weeks and learned a very hard lesson early in a career as a future competitor.

My mindset was all wrong. I had this mindset that this meal plan, this life was temporary and it wasnt. That was never the deal Coach and I made; it just reared its head throughout the 9 weeks.  I would go fill up on gas and see a candy bar and think only a few weeks and then you’re mine. I would drive past Taco Bell, only a few more days. I just told myself I would eat badly for a few days and then go back on prep. Problem was I had denied myself for so long, and only thought it was temporary, that when I started to eat some of those foods again I couldnt stop. My one time a week cheat meal turned into a few times a week cheat meal. I wasnt prepping my food like I was. I wasnt nearly as disciplined. I was also around the wrong group of people.

I had just switched to the Orland Park location with Life Time Fitness. Most of the male trainers were “bodybuilders” and by that I mean they sometimes www.feelfitastic.comcompeted in local shows and took huge amounts of performance enhancing substances. Since it was then into the winter months, it was all about bulking. Which Coach wanted me to do but not in this way. I would see them pound down food, so I thought well Im bulking too and did just the same. It was a lot of bad influences. Then I quit Life Time and turned my life upside down which lead to lots of added stress which lead to stress eating, which in my mind was OK because “I was bulking”.

Well the past is the past my friends!

I am currently “prepping” for two shows this fall to represent Fitastic; Badger State in October and Kevin Noble in November. I am following a similar program I was on before meal plan however my workouts are 100% different thanks to Coach Steves new programming. This time around my mindset is not only for a few more weeks. Its for life. Its not temporary, there is not bulking season. Health and fitness doesnt have an off season. Therefore I am not nearly as strict on myself this time around. I do allow myself a cheat here and there but Ive become wiser with my cheats. Gone are the epic cheat meals with full pizzas; now its down to a slice, if even that. My mindset is that I dont need those foods to live, they dont make me happy, and they do nothing to enhance my life so why bother. Im feeling good, Im dropping weight, and I can start to see my abs again. All is so much better this time around because I learned from my past mistakes. I accepted them and moved on. That is what champions do. Its not about feeling bad for yourself and beating yourself up. We all make mistakes and have lessons to learn. I made and learned mine. This time I’m going to be bullet proof.

There will be more hiccups, mistakes and lessons that need to be learned as I continue on this transformation. However I can tell you that there is no more weekly count down; there is no more just a few more days. There is only today, tomorrow and the rest of my life.

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Wild Will Wilson (W3)    

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