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Science of Fat Loss- Unit 4

Steve September 1, 2014

You’ve experienced the previously blogged Science of Fat Loss benefits to Strength Training, Eating Habits, H.I.I.T., and now the 4th and final component to sustainable Fat Loss that will lead the healthier life that you deserve…

SLEEP- The strategic implementation of Strength Training, Diet and H.I.I.T principles to accelerate “Fat Loss”, have been proven to improve healthier lifestyle behaviors over the last 20 years in my committed experience. I would be providing the COMPLETE Fitastic Science of Fat Loss- Sleep Benefitsmethod of sustainable Fat Loss an injustice if the importance of proper and adequate rest wasn’t at the forefront of the processs.  Besides, Who doesn’t feel amazing and energized after a complete uninterrupted night of sound sleep?  Sleep and rest have its obvious extrinsic benefits, but it’s a lack of result oriented awareness of hormonal and chemical messages that sleep provides.

If anyone were to ask me what is the single most important thing they should be doing right now to lose fat immediately, short of changing what’s on the end of their fork, I would emphatically respond with a focus on their SLEEP!  This will literally get them in the direction of change overnight.  Even one poor night of sleep you will make you insulin resistant, which means you’re better at storing fat.  You’re more leptin resistant, making you hungrier. Your cortisol goes up, making you store belly fat. Your serotonin level go down, urging you to crave sugar.  Bottom line is when you don’t get a good night sleep you don’t feel energized, you don’t want to workout, your immune system is lowered, and you’re craving the need for sugar and caffeine.

Sleep like a Baby

Sleep like a Baby

There have been numerous studies shown that with the appropriate amount of 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, it has proven to reduce fat loss.  Not to mention the powerful and now popular benefit seekers out there in anti-aging and slowing down the aging process, sleep ranks right up there with the top contributors.  So it’s no wonder why I’m an advocate of rest, recovery, and sleep as a catalyst to all of the fat loss strategies aforementioned.  Now catch those extra few hours of zzzzz’s that your body so desperately needs to optimize it’s function, development, and Fat Loss!

It’s not the knowing… it’s the DOING that counts!

Coach Steve

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