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Kick Those Nasty Thoughts!

Hbombs September 21, 2014

Ever had “one of those days” where you have to force yourself to get up, get dressed, and get your butt in the gym? I’ll be honest. Even I have those days every now and then. Today happened to be one of them. For about two hours this morning I kicked around the thoughts, “Maybe I won’t go today. I’ll work extra hard tomorrow. One day isn’t the end of the world. Come on Heather, get up and go. Ok, fine!” I knew that had I decided not to go, I would regret it later. So I got myself in gear and finally made it to the gym.

As I’m going through the motions trying to find my happy place I catch myself looking in the mirror picking myself apart between every set. Why can’t my progress come quicker? Why aren’t my shoulders rounder yet? Why are my calves so stubborn? Why can’t next year be here so I can be a lean machine again? But do you want to know what bothered me more than any of these things? I’m wishing time away. As if it doesn’t already go by fast enough. I have caught myself doing so on more than one occasion. Wishing to see what the results will look like in 6 months. In one year. In 5 years. I know they say times flies when you’re having fun, but I can’t believe how quick this last year and a half or so went! Did it go by so fast because it really DID just fly by or because I’m wishing for this or wishing for that to come sooner and letting time pass me by?

   I need to learn to SLOW DOWN which is hard to do when the word slow is not in my vocabulary. I have enjoyed the journey every step of the way. The good, the bad, and everything in between. But I need to always remember that as long as I am giving 110%, the results WILL come just as they have all along. Sometimes I get caught up in where everyone else is not thinking that I too will be just where I’m supposed to when the time comes. I have friends who are already looking lean and mean for the upcoming fall shows and watched Olympia competitors completely shredded making history that make me second guess myself. Hello Heather! Half the fun of getting back up there is what it takes to get there!


So maybe my shoulders aren’t as round as I’d like yet. They sure are a heck of a lot bigger than they were since I competed in June. Sure, my calves are pretty stubborn. You better believe this next year they’ll take a beating. There are quite a few changes I have noticed in the last few months that keeps me hungry for more and always working hard. My quads are mini monsters, my back is getting wider, my shoulder caps are taller, and my glutes are getting rounder. Yes, I’m more than anxious to see what my body can do before I step on stage next, but I enjoy the work that it takes to get there. Time to slow my roll, and keep working my heart out!


Slow and Steady Wins the Race!


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