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Mental Transformation Part 1

wildmanwill84 August 31, 2014


Mental Transformation

When a person makes the choice to change their lifestyle and begin a healthier way of life, it is more than just physical changes. Yes the body itself on how-to-combat-food-cravings_athe outside changes, the love handles disappear, the belly fat is reduced and the lean muscle tissue becomes more apparent.  Then inside of your body transforms as well, you blood flows better, your lungs can hold more breathe and your heart is stronger. We are always so focused on the physical changes and seeing the weight move on the scale that we forget about the mental transformation that our brain goes through.

The brain controls our impulses, our wants, needs and desires.  When living a healthier way of life one has to let go of those impulses, wants and desires for the lifestyle they are giving up. Having those extra drinks, eating dessert because you feel like it or stuffing your face to till you’re full because you had a bad day. Those impulses have to go and be replaced. From my personal experience this is the hardest part of your lifestyle transformation.

Our brain controls us but outside factors can control your brain. We all know these as cravings, the deep need to eat something you know you shouldn’t. We have all them; we crave sugar and salt typically found in snack foods and desserts. We transform our way of thinking; we have to overcome those cravings. Each time you make the choice not to give into your craving you take another step towards your healthier lifestyle. It’s a step in the right direction.

how-to-combat-food-cravings_bMy reason for talking about this is because when we only focus on the physical transformation we set ourselves up for disaster. The physical transformations take time, changes will not happen every day. You won’t see the scale move daily. However, every day you can make choices to not give into your cravings. Your mental transformation will happen every day. When you change your focus you will see the changes and those changes will keep you going. Those changes tell you that every day you are getting closer and closer to your goals.

Sometimes a change of mindset is all you need to kick your journey into high gear. Focus on your small victories of making the right choices day in and day out. One step closer, one day at a time. That’s all it takes. Live well my friends and make the right choices.

Thank you all for reading this week’s blog. Be sure to watch my personal transformation daily on my Face Book page as I train with Coach Steve’s Adipose Incineration Fitastic Program.

Have a great week everyone! Make good choices.

Wild Will Wilson (W3)

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