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wildmanwill84 August 10, 2014


If youve been following my posts on Face Book recently you may have seen that I have started a new fitness program with Fitastic. Thanks to Coach

The results of the Fitastic Strength Training Program

The results of the Fitastic Strength Training Program

Steves talent I saw great results from the strength training program (highlighted heavily in past blogs). I gained massive amounts strength and changed up my entire body composition. That was the plan and we achieved it. SUCCESS!! However like all of us do, I hit a huge plateau post program.  From December till July I was trying out multiple programs. Ones that I wrote, ones I saw online and in books. I highlighted a few of them here on this blog; but I just wasnt seeing the same kind of results I did on the strength training program.

It was a hard few months; I was bummed out, not motivated and stopped making the best food choices. I kept a lot of that to myself because I didnt wanted to share a negative attitude with you guys. If you read last weeks blog, I let it all out. I had the conversation with myself.  Good thing timing was on my side. Just as I was coming to grips with reality, Coach Steve put the finishing touches on his Adipose Incineration program. A program designed to jump start the metabolism to encourage weight loss (more importantly fat loss) and lean muscle gains. With that I was back on a Fitastic program and oh does it feel so good!!

Only one week in and guess what I am down 3 lbs and feeling great. I feel like my old self again. Cant wait to get to the gym, cant wait to grab some weight. I feel like Wild Will again, not the “well, I guess Im happy to be here” Will. No, its back to WILD WILL!! I cant wait to see the results from this program come Oct 18th when Fitastic will be at the Badger State Bodybuilding show in my home state of Wisconsin. (Lets see if I can give Coach Steve a run for his money)

The results of the Adipose Incineration Program. Stay tuned.

The results of the Adipose Incineration Program. Stay tuned.

Ive got to finish up here and say THANK YOU to all of you who support the Wild Will Transformation blog. Its not always easy being honest with yourself, let alone with other people. Each week I try to bring you guys and gals an honest look into what it takes to truly transformation your body, your life and your mentality. I appreciate and love the support. Thank you all. Now enough of the mushy hallmark stuff lets get out there and lift something heavy!

If you have questions regarding Fitastic program please email me at willwilson1984@gmail.com and Ill be able to answer any of your questions. Remember to use coupon code “WildWill” to get 15% off your next Fitastic gear purchase. Represent the best fitness brand in the world. Yeah I said it, the world!

See you on Twitter @feelfitastic, Instagram @teamfitastic, Face Book!!


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