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August Male Athlete of the Month-Ed Honn

wildmanwill84 August 2, 2014

Athlete of the Month

Ed Honn

Let me be the first of many to congratulate Ed Honn as our Fitastic Athlete of the Month August. As you will read, Ed like all of our athletes is not a just unnamed (4)a pretty face with a great physique in a pair of board shorts.  There is more to Ed then the sleek, stylish fitness modeling pictures youve seen on Face Book by great photographers like Pat Lee and FriousFotog. There is more than sponsorship and much, much more then pictures of ice cream and cheat meals.  Part 1 of August Athlete of the Month will focus on who Ed is, while Part 2 will focus more on who Ed is as a personal trainer.

Looking back fitness and health began for Ed at age 16 when he discovered his love for sports specifically track and wrestling.  In choosing those two particular sports, Ed began a path of hard work he didn’t even know he chose, but one he willingly accepted. As far as Eds past or story goes there really is not much to focus on. When I interviewed Ed he said “we all of our sad story, everyone has had horrible things happen to them”. He chooses not to focus on that; but instead to look ahead and rise above any challenge or hardship. So with that we will do the same; we also will not be focusing much on Eds competitive physique career, for again that is not who Ed is. Yes he loves competition, it brings out his best. Yes he loves to get up on stage and show off his hard work and yes he is a National Level competitor. He is honored to be a sponsored athlete with MuscleTech and of course the photo shoots are always fun. However more than all of those things Ed is the face of hard work, a life changing personal trainer and a future Officer with the United States Marine Corps.unnamed (9)Hard Work

Ed learned the value of hard work when he started out in sports. In other team sports like Baseball, Basketball or Football you have team mates to fall back on. So if there is any area you are weaker in there is someone strong to help you. Not in track and not in wrestling. So from High School on, Ed had to work on any of his weaker areas for there was no one but him.  If Eds upper body strength was weak he had to work on it, if Eds conditioning wasnt on point he had to work on it. It was constant work to always be better than the next guy. This followed Ed into college as a collegiate track athlete; this is also where Ed found his true love of weight lifting and bodybuilding. In the gym Ed did not only improve his strength and his physique; he met his buds, who then became roommates, who then became lifelong friends.  In addition Eds hard work has followed him in his professional career becoming a well sought after, in demand personal trainer at X Sport fitness.  There Ed instills his values of hard work on his clients lives to help them reach their own goals and change their life in the process.  Since Ed has had to work hard for everything he has ever gotten in life he is able to empathize with his clients. He is able to understand and ultimately overcome their challenges to become successful.

Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer Ed works with a wide variety of clients from guys who want to pack on size and women who want to lose excess size. As you will learn from Part 2 of this month’s Athlete story, Ed has a unique approach that allows his clients to get the most out of life unnamed (7)and living while still reaching their goals and maintain them.

unnamed (10)Oorah!

When I first met Ed I had no idea he wanted to be an Officer with the United States Marine Corps. As a Marine myself I was pleasantly taken back. Photo shoots in your jeans and underwear, sponsorships with supplement companies and posing in board shorts doesn’t exactly scream Marine Corps. However as you have learned Ed is not your average guy with a great physique. Like so many of us who compete or want to compete we all dream of becoming an IFBB Pro. The glitz, the glam, the honor, the shows, the money, and the women; the list goes on and on. But really how sustainable is that reality? With so many gentleman added to the pro ranks each and every year one has to ask themselves, is it everything is it cracked up to be. Yes there are some bright stars in the physique world but look at the reality of the situation and compare the number of pros to the number of stars. What is the 401k plan, what is the retirement plan? At one point your body wont be able to compete, then what? Ed not only understands this but he has a higher purpose for himself. He has the goal of becoming a leader of Marines. I can tell you there is no higher honor. Once again, Ed is not just the same face with a great physique shown off in a pair of underwear. Ed has no harsh feelings to those that want to become pros or do photo shoots, those are amazing goals to have. However, for Ed those goals will not satisfy him. An Officer of the United States Marine Corps is his goal.


unnamed (8)Training is clearly a huge part of Eds life. Training has pushed Ed to compete as a National Level competitor, its allowed him to be a colligate track athlete, its given him the physique and confidence he has today. Training recently has sifted for Ed, no longer is a bulking chest and bulging biceps the biggest concern. Ed has switched up his training to build up his athleticism to better prepare him for Officer Candidate School.  Aesthetics will also be a focus, Ed does not want to lose the physique he has worked so hard for which has caused Ed to coin the term “Athletic Aesthetics”.  Eds training now follows a Push/Pull/Lower Body 2x a week routine. Focusing more on improving speed, strength, flexibility and endurance all while maintaining his aesthetic appearance. We will be showcasing you lots of videos of Eds new training protocols this month. Feel free to add some of Eds craziness into your routine.

Ed is the perfect reminder that all are not what they seem from the outside. The people are deeper than the perceived reality. Ed is the personification of his own philosophy of asking what is most important, what do you want, and then putting in the necessary hard work for it.

Ed Honn, congratulations on being named our August Athlete of the Month. Fitastic family please join me in welcoming Ed to our family and congratulating him as our August Athlete.

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