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Trout with Pineapple-Walnut Relish

A simple and deliciously nutritious dish for anyone that enjoys a great Trout meal and will leave your taste buds fishing for more.

Trout prepPrep Time: 15 minutes


- 20 oz. of fresh cut Trout fillet

- Large ring of pineapple

- 3 Tablespoons of chopped Walnuts

- 2 Tablespoons of Avocado Oil (or EV olive oil as a substitute)

- Cooking spray of choice

Cooking Directions:

Trout bake1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Place aluminum foil on oven pan and spray foil with cooking oil spray.  Place Trout fillet on sprayed pan.

2. While oven in pre-heating, put pineapple, walnuts, and Avocado Oil in a chopper, mini blender or magic bullet.  Pulse or blend ingredients to desired consistency- mixture will be on the thicker side, almost a paste-like substance.  Cover and set aside.

3.  Once oven is at 350, bake the Trout as is (no topping) for 9 minutes.  Brush the relish mixture evenly on the fish and bake for an additional 9 minutes.  Serve up your serving of trout with your favorite side and enjoy!

Serves 3 (6 oz of Trout prepared with the following recipe) at the following marcos each:

Calories- 392  Fat- 22  Carbohydrates- 8  Protein- 38

The fat content is noted as a healthy Omega fat source- protecting your heart, cholesterol and overall health

July Athlete of the Month

July Athlete of the Month

Nicole Huberty

From Party Girl to Bikini Girl


The Before. The Aftet

The Before. The After

This month we congratulate Nicole Huberty on her selection as our July Athlete of the Month. Though Nicole started to compete in the Bikini division this past year, during that year Nicole has competed in five shows. Her first show she placed in the top 5, her 2nd show (A Fitastic favorite Kevin Noble) she placed 7th. She earned her best placing at Fox Cities in 3rd place. This past June she made her National debut at Jr. Nationals; her placing was towards the bottom. However that did not get our girl down. In fact it was her positive outlook on her placing that sealed her as our July Athlete. Nicole as you will read realized that being a party girl was no longer what she thought it was. She realized that to make the right changes in her life and be the person she wanted to be she had to move on. She needed something to focus on to pull her out of the bar world and into the fitness world. Nicole could have followed in the footsteps of many a part girl before her. Living an unsatisfied life of unhealthy inhibitions; instead she changed her life to become the Athlete that she is today.

Five years ago at the age of 21 Nicole was “that girl”; we all knew her. She was our favorite bartender; she drank them just as fast as she could pour them. If she wasn’t behind the bar 5 nights a week she was sitting at it on the 6th night. Throwing back beers, shots and cocktails with her “friends” having the time of her life. What did it matter, she was young and her metabolism was fast. It was nothing to it for her to chow down on bar food night after night or when the mood struck her to take a down her favorite McDonalds value meal; the Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. As the years progressed and she went from 18 to 23 she began to notice how nothing was really different. Here she was five years later dealing with the same drama that comes with the party girl lifestyle. Fleeting relationships, these weren’t real friends they were going out friends. If she needed help or advice she couldn’t go to these people whose problems were solved in the bottom of a bottle. It was the same thing night after night complaining about the life they had, the cards they were dealt all the (more…)

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