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Motivated by Hate? Um…what?

wildmanwill84 July 10, 2014

Motivated by Hate? Um…What?

This weeks blog isnt so much of a focus on what I am currently doing for my training but more of what is motivating me; better yet what is not motivating me.

Nope. Wrong. Foolish.

Nope. Wrong. Foolish.

Lets do a little experiment, stop reading and hop on Instagram right now. Click on any “fitness celebrities” page. Scroll down for no less than one minute. I bet money you will see a meme of some kind saying this stupid phrase “Haters are my motivators”.  You may now be asking well Why Wild Will? Isnt it better to turn a negative into a positive? Also Wild Will didn’t you write about that in your 1st blog; that you were motivated by a guy that “hated” on you?  All valid questions.

Lets start with the concept that you are motivated by hate. That someone hates you so you are going to take that hate and reach your goal because of their hate. What is that? Why does it take someone to hate you to reach your goals? Think about it, think about the statement that “haters are motivators” first who are these “haters” what does that even mean. The real question you should be asking is why so many people hate you? Everyone needs motivation. So why are you trying to find it through hate? If everyone around you hates on you for what you are doing you should really get a new group of friends. Or better yet, are you asking for the hate? You see a lot of this “hate” on Instagram like I said above. Typically on the profiles that have a lot of selfie love and no real actual health and fitness content aside from an #eatcleantraindiry hastag.

Real quick let me explain that there is a clear difference between ab shots/selfies and actual motivation. For example progress pics, transformation pics, exercise pics (to demonstrate a move), professional modeling shots. These are actual motivational pictures; show a transformation or a progression is a great way to show people out there the true process. You will see these in real people’s profiles. True fitness celebrities like Steve Cook or Amanda LaTona. You will see in regular folk profiles like mine, Coach Steve’s and all of our current and former Athletes of the Month. That is the difference between

Motivating and it's not even a Ab shot.

Motivating and it’s not even an Ab shot.

those of us who truly care about helping people and those who signed a modeling contract with Instagram.

When I first started getting in shape to do a show and begin this transformation I met a guy who told me I was too fat and would never make it. I used that statement to fuel my training. It worked…for about a week. Then it began to fade, so I went back for more hate. I learned that hate doesnt do anything but breed negativity, nothing good ever comes from hate. I, like most lessons learned this the hard way.

I have found that I feel so much better about myself and surroundings when I am motivated by positive thinking . Most importantly the success of the great people I have met in IL. For example a friend of mine Ed Honn just got signed as a sponsored athlete for MuscleTech. That is awesome and I use his success to help motivate me because he is a great example of what can happen when you put in the work needed. I am inspired by another friend of mine Heather Hayes who is the most consistent and hard working girl I know. That is real motivation. Then of course there is Coach Steve, I mean come on talk about your daily dose of motivation.  This is the best way to think and stay positive. Or look at the flip side instead of being happy for Ed, I think well he just got lucky, I could do better, what does he have that I dont have, he cheated and more hateful thoughts and more hateful thoughts. Where does that leave me, is thinking that way really motivating? No, its awful, its jealousy and it will eventually destroy you. Again nothing good comes from hateful thoughts. Or look at Heather and say whatever, she doesnt have to work hard, she is naturally that way, whatever. I need to work harder because Im not as genetically gifted. Can you see how twisted negative thinking and trying to motivate yourself through hate can do?

This is an example of inspiration and motivation.

This is an example of inspiration and motivation.

To reach any goal you need to stay two ways. Stay positive. Stay motivated. Stay this way and success will be yours.

Went a little off topic for this week friends, if you liked the message let me know and Ill go off topic more often. Thank you all for reading. Have a great week.

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