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July Athlete of the Month

wildmanwill84 July 1, 2014

July Athlete of the Month

Nicole Huberty

From Party Girl to Bikini Girl


The Before. The Aftet

The Before. The After

This month we congratulate Nicole Huberty on her selection as our July Athlete of the Month. Though Nicole started to compete in the Bikini division this past year, during that year Nicole has competed in five shows. Her first show she placed in the top 5, her 2nd show (A Fitastic favorite Kevin Noble) she placed 7th. She earned her best placing at Fox Cities in 3rd place. This past June she made her National debut at Jr. Nationals; her placing was towards the bottom. However that did not get our girl down. In fact it was her positive outlook on her placing that sealed her as our July Athlete. Nicole as you will read realized that being a party girl was no longer what she thought it was. She realized that to make the right changes in her life and be the person she wanted to be she had to move on. She needed something to focus on to pull her out of the bar world and into the fitness world. Nicole could have followed in the footsteps of many a part girl before her. Living an unsatisfied life of unhealthy inhibitions; instead she changed her life to become the Athlete that she is today.

Five years ago at the age of 21 Nicole was “that girl”; we all knew her. She was our favorite bartender; she drank them just as fast as she could pour them. If she wasn’t behind the bar 5 nights a week she was sitting at it on the 6th night. Throwing back beers, shots and cocktails with her “friends” having the time of her life. What did it matter, she was young and her metabolism was fast. It was nothing to it for her to chow down on bar food night after night or when the mood struck her to take a down her favorite McDonalds value meal; the Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. As the years progressed and she went from 18 to 23 she began to notice how nothing was really different. Here she was five years later dealing with the same drama that comes with the party girl lifestyle. Fleeting relationships, these weren’t real friends they were going out friends. If she needed help or advice she couldn’t go to these people whose problems were solved in the bottom of a bottle. It was the same thing night after night complaining about the life they had, the cards they were dealt all the while drinking and boozing till the feelings went away.  Nicole looked around, from the outside in as she saw herself falling into this life rut. Constantly drinking and partying with no real life goals in sight. Nicole knew this life was no longer for her. Leaving that kind of life style is never easy, those people, those so called friends don’t want to see anyone leave their group to become successful.  Nicole had to go out on her own, cut these people out of her life. That is never an easy thing to do as I am sure most of us have had to leave a friend or two behind. Image having to leave all your friends behind, leave the life you thought you knew and start over. Nicole needed a new outlet and new look at life. So at the age of 22  she went to the only place you can begin to change how you feel.

Jr. Nationals

Jr. Nationals

With that she started going to gym and began to train. She needed to replace booze with sweat. However, Nicole went from being that girl at the bar to being that girl at the gym. We know this girl too; she spends hours and hours on the elliptical just going to town. Ladies let’s be honest how many of you did this when you first started going to the gym. Come on be honest.  Oddly enough it was Nicole’s need to meet guys that made her leave the elliptical. She noticed that there was no “hot guys” as she puts were on the ellipticals. They were in the weight room. As she found herself in the weight room she saw someone more important than any hot guy. She saw the girl she wanted to be. She saw a girl her age that lifted weights and had an amazing toned fit body. Nicole said to herself that’s what she wants, that’s how she wanted to look. Inspired, Nicole watched her idols workout’s and tried to mimic what she did. Nicole started to see some great results and began to think that she could do more. With that Nicole went into research mode spending hours on bodybuilding.com and reading nearly every book she could get her hands on. She self taught herself how to lift with the assistance of YouTube videos. Nicole began to see her body change over the course of the next 3 years.

Like good timing always does, Nicole through a mutual friend discovered Coach Sandy Rowe Wiedmeyer of Team Iron Nation. Upon their meeting began Nicole’s journey to the stage. She started with 13 week prep. Everything changed then for Nicole, here she was given a purpose, a drive, something to work for and train for. The old Nicole began to fade away and with these new influences and better friends she not only turned into a fierce competitor but a better more positive person. Nicole no longer cared about the girl she used to be, it was the woman that she had become.

When she placed in the top 5 for her 1st show it was there Nicole made it her goal to get on the



National stage in June. She achieved her goal, however did not finish as high as she would have preferred but being the strong positive girl that she is reminded herself that her goal was to get on the National Stage, not to win it. Going forward Nicole plans to take a 5 to 6 month off season. During that off season she will be working on her weaker areas to bring a better and fuller package to the 2015 season.

niocle2 Nicole wants to use her time as Athlete of the Month to be a positive inspiration to every woman. Regardless of age or body type, you can achieve your health and fitness goals in a healthy manner. It doesn’t’t matter where you start or not even how you finish. It’s about the journey and making the right choices. You do not have to run to unsafe means like crash or severe dieting tactics. That you do not have to spend hours upon hours doing cardio. Most importantly a woman does not have to turn to drugs to achieve her goals. All she needs to do is stay the course, be consistent, have patients and most importantly have fun in the journey. In all, for a person to achieve their health and fitness goals a person must love themselves first. That only by loving yourself regardless of how you look will allow you to reach your goals and become the person you want to be.

Congratulations Nicole Huberty on being our Fitastic July Athlete of the Month. It has been a pleasure getting to meet you and speak with you these past few months. You embodied what it means to be a BOOM GIRL; full of life, full of passion and full of positivity.

Be sure to follow Nicole on her continued journey on Face Book and Instagram @fitkneecole



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