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HBombs ignites Team Fitastic

Steve July 17, 2014

Hello Fitastic World,

Some of you may remember me as Fitastic’s March Athlete of the month. For those of you that didn’t catch it, my name is Heather Hayes and I am an NPC bikini athlete. Fitness has had a place in my life on and off for the past few years, but it wasn’t until January ¬†of 2013 that I decided I really needed a change. I wanted to feel healthy, energized, and of course finally have a body I had once only Heather Hayes Fitastic Introdreamed of. I regularly started going to the gym, eating what I thought was “healthy”, and pulled workouts from here and there. But that just wasn’t enough. In May of that year I got into contact with my coach, Staci Boyer, and had decided I was going to take the next step, prepare for the stage. After 20 weeks of hard work and discipline I finally made it to my goal. Once I stepped off stage, I knew it was something I had fallen in love with! Here I am just over a year later with three shows under my belt and hungry for more!

Unlike some, this isn’t just about a trophy, a pro card, sponsorships, or exposure. Sure, those things are great! But for me it’s about sharing my story, my ups and downs, my successes and failures, my knowledge, and my experiences along the way. I hope that they not only inspire someone else, but that they help them pick themselves up when they’re on the brink of giving up. The fitness industry is full of some of the most supportive, positive, caring people I have ever met! Many others have helped me in more ways than they can imagine along this journey so I guess you could say this is my way to pay it forward. I hope those that I reach to will do the same.

How lucky am I to have the opportunity to be a part of the Fitastic team?! Now I can share these things with all of you and people all over the world! I hope that you will follow me as I continue on my journey to wherever this road may lead. It might be a bumpy ride at times so hold on tight!



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