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5 Reasons you need to be PRO-Protein

Steve July 19, 2014

Protein isn’t just for “Athletes”!  Quality protein needs to be a staple in EVERYONE’S meal structure, as it’s an essential piece for human development.  It’s not just a statement- I’m going to tell you why you need these highly valuable nutrients, and then YOU make the decision to add them into your regimen.  If your beliefs allow you to eat animal based protein, focus on adding:

  • Lean Beef
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Pork

However if you have developed your eating habits on an animal friendly ecosystem, stick with more:

  • Tofu
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Lentils

Here are several reasons to put more emphasis on your protein intake.

Protein Benefits1.  Thermic Effect of  Food (TEF)-  Protein is a very costly macronutrient for the body to metabolize.  Your body actually burns calories in order to digest protein.  So from a Fat Loss perspective, it only makes sense to include protein with every meal.

2.  Repairing Skeletal Muscle and Tissue-  The volume and intensity of your exercise and training creates consistent damage to the body’s muscle fiber and tendons.  Protein plays a major role in repairing the broken down tissue.

3.  The Addition of Lean Body Mass (LBM)-  Resistance training tears down the body’s muscles.  As noted, it’s important that you provide your body with the proper nutrients to rebuild itself.  Contrary to popular belief, a high-protein diet will NOT create big, bulky muscles in Women.  Females simply do not have the testosterone and hormones responsible for bulking up like Men; heck it’s hard enough for Men to pack on LBM, and they have the hormonal requirements- just ask one that’s seeking more muscular development, haha.   Rather, high-protein meal plans assist Women in achieving a slender and lean body they desire.

4.  Weight Management and Satiety-  Satiety is essentially how satisfied your brain becomes after consuming food, falling into a state of appetite control.  With all things that pass our lips, food consumption is driven by your hormones- Fat, carbohydrates, and protein all affect hormonal secretion in their own unique way. However, when it comes to Satiety, Protein is King!   A little protein goes a long way and the chances of physically overeating protein is slim to none.

5.  Fat Storage and Fat Release-  It’s important that you understand two hormones: Insulin and Glucagon.  Together these hormones regulate blood sugar.  Animal based protein sources are very dense with amino acids, creating a greater secretion of Glucagon, the “fat release” hormone.  While Insulin is the master “fat storage” hormone.  When it comes to Fat Loss, it’s the “fat release” you’re after.   That’s why if conducive, it’s best to eat animal based protein, which is the best source of complete protein.


Coach Steve


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