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The Science of Fat Loss- 1st Unit

Steve June 17, 2014

As promised from The Science of Fat Loss Introduction last week, Part 1 to the fundamental components to sustainable Fat Loss is detailed within this weeks blog.  The Science of Fat Loss has been reviewed and accepted by the Oxford Educational Network and is quickly gaining momentum across the board.

Strength Training Fat LossStrength Training- Building muscle is the 1st component that will lead you to fat loss, strength training leaves you with a 24-36 hour after burn and Thermogenic effect (Thermic effect of food also commonly known simply as thermic effect when the context is known).  TEF in shorthand, is the increment in energy expenditure above resting metabolic rate due to the cost of processing food for storage and use.  It is one of the components of metabolism along with the resting metabolic rate and exercise.
With each pound of muscle you have built, you are burning roughly an extra 50 calories a day while your body is at rest.  This means that you will continue to burn calories even when you are not working at all.  Strength training needs to be performed 5-6 days per week for maximum results.  Muscle tissue is the only thing that will burn fat and increase your metabolism.  Building lean muscle is the first component to losing weight and sustainably keeping it off.

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Keep your eyes peeled next week for the second unit of Fat Loss practical Science.

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