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One Year Later

wildmanwill84 June 22, 2014

One Year Later

This past weekend was the Jr. Nationals bodybuilding, physique, figure, and bikini competition here in Chicago. While I was walking around the hotel I couldn’t help but reflect on this past year. You see in 2013 I went to Jr. Nats before the Wild Will Transformation Blog began, before I was part of Fitastic and before I met so many amazing local athletes. Last year I got there after prejudging so nobody was around. All the booths were shut down and it was just a lot of competitors hanging out. I felt completely alone but I had just dropped $20 on parking and really wanted to see Josh Landry and Josh Hallady. They are both Universal Nutrition athletes that I really looked up to.

975693_10101255297690428_1869073303_nI sent out a tweet tagging Josh Landry, in it mentioning how I was stuck at Jr. Nats and how I was hoping to run into him. No joke he tweets me back “where are you?”. So for the next two hours I sat down and talked with a huge inspiration of mine like we were old friends. It was truly more awesome and inspiring the words can describe.  His words of wisdom along with the obvious help from Coach Steve are what got me through this past year in which I dropped 50lbs of fat!

This year at the show it was a complete 180 degree turn around.  First I was full of confidence walking around unlike last time. I may have walked into the building alone but I wasn’t alone for very long. During this year I have met some great people who were competing. I was able to speak with them, hang out and have some fun. This time around I felt and knew that I belonged there and it was only a matter of time before I was one of the many athletes running around. In fact the only thing that was similar to last year was that I was wearing an OH MY QUAD! shirt last year and this year. Granted I looked much better in it this year.

979529_10101257952959248_281710499_nUpon leaving I started to reflect just how far I have come and how much my life has changed in one unnamed (6)years’ time. I have changed both physically and mentally, gaining confidence in myself. Believe me I brought a much better package to 2014 Jr. Nats then I did in 2013. (Competitor joke) I began to really understand what it means to say I may not be where I want to be but I am a lot closer then I was yesterday. That really hit home with me ; yes I may not have competed yet like I wanted to;  yes my body is not where I need it to be but wow, I mean WOW has so much improved.

Not only that but the only thing I knew about Fitastic was what Steve was focused on the development of the brand and that he gave me a free OH MY QUAD! Shirt. Now I’m writing blogs, doing nutritious recipes, going to events and most importantly meeting amazing people in this industry.  It’s just amazing, no other word can do this feeling justice then amazing.

Last year I was motivated by the wise words of Josh Landry. This year I am motivated by the actions, habits and choices that I have made since last year June 2013. Every choice has led me here to a happier and healthier Wild Will. It has me so excited to see what life is going to be like and where I am going to be when Jr Nats 2015 rolls around. Not just for me but for Fitastic as well.  Jr Nats 2013 to Jr Nats 2014 was a nonstop uphill roller coaster ride. Where I could the see the top but never was able to get there. I could see everything around me the future far as my eye could see but I wasn’table to close in on it. Now after Jr Nats 2014 I have hit the top of the roller coaster, I have gone to the point of no return. As this coaster plunges to the ground ready to hit some curves and loop da loops, I have my hands in the air screaming for more and enjoying every bit of this ride.

Thanks for reading and for being part of the Wild Will Transformation.  Be sure to follow the Transformation on Face Book, Twitter and Instagram. I appreciate all of your guys and gals support.  Take care and have an awesome day!


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