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Maw Nutrition takes stage

Steve June 17, 2014

Living and breathing in the fitness industry for the last 20 years of my young existence, I’ve met, connected with, been inspired by, and built relationships with just about every resource out there to share with our dynamic community.  Just recently from operating successful sponsorship events at several large competitions and shows this Spring, we can add a reputable and integrity driven Nutrition Food Service to the positive network arsenal .  As you know one of my mantra’s: Creating Positive Addictions; Maw Nutrition fits right in.

Maw Nutrition FeatureIf and when you meet the owner, Mike, and taste his freshly prepared food, you’ll soon understand why the Maw Nutrition brand is gaining popularity amongst serious competitors and nutrition savvy consumers alike.  Even at the NPC Titan up in Racine, WI this past weekend, I couldn’t keep track of all the nods and positive conversations from the customers walking away from his booth with full plate and fork in mouth.  It’s no wonder his mission is “to provide convenient all natural foods to the Bodybuilding Community, along with the Endurance Athlete and anyone who is dedicated to eating the way Nature intended” and delivers!

We’re proud to add Maw Nutrition to our sponsored community within the feelfitastic.com home page.  Be sure to click their banner and check out their amazing service.  They ship anywhere for your convenience.  Solid.

To happy and healthy eating,

Steve @ Team Fitastic

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