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Keeping It Simple

wildmanwill84 June 29, 2014

Keeping It Simple

So I am pretty sure there are multiple times a week where Coach Steve just wants to smack me upside the head and say NO!!! You see if you havent seen it yet, I am one of those people who like to over complicate everything. Going with the flow and letting it happen naturally just doesnt really work for me. I am more of a ‘I want now’ type and if I cant have it now I will try to force it to happen immediately. Sometimes that works out in my favor. However, when its the human body and changing your lifestyle and prepping for a show those things cant be forced. It’s a constant struggle.

With that Coach Steve has me focusing more on the simple building blocks of muscle within my physique. Nothing crazy, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing forced, just simple steps that are proven to work.

For nutrition it means going back to the basics of eating high lean quality protein with equal amounts of complex fibrous carbohydrates and healthy fats with Omegas. No carb cycling, no fasting, none of the stuff. Just simple facts of the feeding the body what it means throughout the day.

For training it means going off of feel rather than reps. Right now its not about getting to a certain number of reps; its about getting deep into my muscle fibers and getting them to work into micro-tears. Depending on the weight and movement that may be 7 reps or 15 reps. Focusing on going heavier with my weights and breaking out of my comfort zone while still being able to contract the muscle with full range of motion and proper form.  We have also added in drop sets for higher volume work. Instead of walking in with this laid out plan its about how my body is feeling and how can I make it fail.

Mentally its about letting go. Letting go of outside chatter and only doing what I am coached to do. Its about letting go of negativity and my impatience while becoming more accepting of the process. Embracing the beauty of change and the time it takes for sustainable results.  For me this is the hardest part. I like to dive on in head first, eyes closed, arms out stretched and ask questions later. That got me to this point but it is not getting me any further.

I have made great bounds by unfollowing so many outside influences via social media.  I have become better about slow changes to the body. Notice how I said become better, definitely not 100% on this one.  There are still days I wake up after eating eggs and avocado and asking myself um…why am I not shredded yet? Thats just foolish, I know this but it is still a struggle none the less. Sometimes I dont do so well and I call up Coach thinking I need to change this or I need to fix that or maybe we should add this. Those are moments when Im pretty sure he wants to smack me but lucky for me the man has the patients of a saint. He just tells me no and calms me down.

As we approach the time to make a decision on the rest of the 2014 season and the upcoming 2015 season.  I need to make sure that my head is in the right place and that my body has followed the plan. I will not go on stage unless I am 100%, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

I cant force this journey to move faster. I will not subject myself to unhealthy means just to obtain this goal. As much as I want to get on stage, its more about what I am going to look like once I get off it. I want to be able to compete when Im in my 50s not do it once, screw it all up and well thats it. Im either going to do it right or not do it all.

Its all going to come down to PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) regardless of what happens. PMA is something that I will always have 100% control over.

 Yes friends, its that simple.

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