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BFC Body Weight LUNGE Walk Through

Steve June 14, 2014

BW LungeIf there’s one thing we really try to instill in the Fitastic community is avoiding “time wasting” through exercise.  That doesn’t mean we’re averse to putting in long hours and training hard.  It DOES mean we want maximum bang for our exercise buck!  So we’re always building and sharing the most efficient exercises for the job.

We recently had the chance to ask Master Trainer and President of Benchmark Fit Club, Jimmy Fascetta what he recommends in adding to any fitness routine to efficiently obtain great results…  Emphatically he mentioned the LUNGE.  The best part is, is that there is no weight required to perform this exercise with proficient success.

We couldn’t agree more!  In fact, the lunge and it’s variations are a staple in many of our programs.  It’s one of those foundational exercises that opens the doors to all kinds of variations and other movement patterns- not to mention all the muscle recruitment required.  But before  you progress, make sure you understand the basics first.

Watch the simple yet detailed walk through with Jimmy HERE—>  BODY WEIGHT LUNGE

Are you performing your Lunge properly?

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