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Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple

So I am pretty sure there are multiple times a week where Coach Steve just wants to smack me upside the head and say NO!!! You see if you havent seen it yet, I am one of those people who like to over complicate everything. Going with the flow and letting it happen naturally just doesnt really work for me. I am more of a ‘I want now’ type and if I cant have it now I will try to force it to happen immediately. Sometimes that works out in my favor. However, when its the human body and changing your lifestyle and prepping for a show those things cant be forced. It’s a constant struggle.

With that Coach Steve has me focusing more on the simple building blocks of muscle within my physique. Nothing crazy, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing forced, just simple steps that are proven to work.

For nutrition it means going back to the basics of eating high lean quality protein with equal amounts of complex fibrous carbohydrates and healthy fats with Omegas. No carb cycling, no fasting, none of the stuff. Just simple facts of the feeding the body what it means throughout the day.

For training it means going off of feel rather than reps. Right now its not about getting to a certain number of reps; its about getting deep into my muscle fibers and getting them to work into micro-tears. Depending on the weight and movement that may be 7 reps or 15 reps. Focusing on going heavier with my weights and breaking out of my comfort zone while still being able to contract the muscle with full range of motion and proper form.  We have also added (more…)

One Year Later

One Year Later

This past weekend was the Jr. Nationals bodybuilding, physique, figure, and bikini competition here in Chicago. While I was walking around the hotel I couldn’t help but reflect on this past year. You see in 2013 I went to Jr. Nats before the Wild Will Transformation Blog began, before I was part of Fitastic and before I met so many amazing local athletes. Last year I got there after prejudging so nobody was around. All the booths were shut down and it was just a lot of competitors hanging out. I felt completely alone but I had just dropped $20 on parking and really wanted to see Josh Landry and Josh Hallady. They are both Universal Nutrition athletes that I really looked up to.

975693_10101255297690428_1869073303_nI sent out a tweet tagging Josh Landry, in it mentioning how I was stuck at Jr. Nats and how I was hoping to run into him. No joke he tweets me back “where are you?”. So for the next two hours I sat down and talked with a huge inspiration of mine like we were old friends. It was truly more awesome and inspiring the words can describe.  His words of wisdom along with the obvious help from Coach Steve are what got me through this past year in which I dropped 50lbs of fat!

This year at the show it was a complete 180 degree turn around.  First I was full of confidence walking around unlike last time. I may have walked into the building alone but I wasn’t alone for very long. During this year I have met some great people who were competing. I was able to speak with them, hang out and have some fun. This time around I felt and knew that I belonged there and it was only a matter of time before I was one of the many athletes running around. In fact the only thing that was similar to last year was that I was wearing an OH MY QUAD! shirt last year and this year. Granted I looked much better in it this year.

979529_10101257952959248_281710499_nUpon leaving I started to reflect just how far I have come and how much my life has changed in one unnamed (6)years’ time. I have changed both physically and mentally, gaining confidence in myself. Believe me I brought a much better package to 2014 Jr. Nats then I did in 2013. (Competitor joke) I began to really understand what it means to say I may not be where I want to be but I am a lot closer then I was yesterday. That really hit home with me ; yes I may not have competed yet like I wanted to;  yes my body is not where I need it to be but wow, I mean WOW has so much improved.

Not only that but the only thing I knew about Fitastic was what Steve was focused on the development of the brand and that he gave me a free OH MY QUAD! Shirt. Now I’m writing (more…)

Fruit Infusion Tumbler- Lemon and Cinnamon

Lemon Cinnamon TumblerDo you like your water with lemon?  What about refreshing cucumber and mint, or a multi-berry splash?  However you like your H2O, our clever infuser bottle makes it easy to flavor water naturally.

This month we’re celebrating the delightful flavor of Lemon with Cinnamon!  This unique blend of tart and spice will have you thirsting for more.

Purchase your own Fitastic Fruit Infusion Tumbler HERE

Happy Hydration,

Team Fitastic

Maw Nutrition takes stage

Living and breathing in the fitness industry for the last 20 years of my young existence, I’ve met, connected with, been inspired by, and built relationships with just about every resource out there to share with our dynamic community.  Just recently from operating successful sponsorship events at several large competitions and shows this Spring, we can add a reputable and integrity driven Nutrition Food Service to the positive network arsenal .  As you know one of my mantra’s: Creating Positive Addictions; Maw Nutrition fits right in.

Maw Nutrition FeatureIf and when you meet the owner, Mike, and taste his freshly prepared food, you’ll soon understand why the Maw Nutrition brand is gaining popularity amongst serious competitors and nutrition savvy consumers alike.  Even at the NPC Titan up in Racine, WI this past weekend, I couldn’t keep track of all the nods and positive conversations from the customers walking away from his booth with full plate and fork in mouth.  It’s no wonder his mission is “to provide convenient all natural foods to the Bodybuilding Community, along with the Endurance Athlete and anyone who is dedicated to eating the way Nature intended” and delivers!

We’re proud to add Maw Nutrition to our sponsored community within the feelfitastic.com home page.  Be sure to click their banner and check out their amazing service.  They ship anywhere for your convenience.  Solid.

To happy and healthy eating,

Steve @ Team Fitastic

The Science of Fat Loss- 1st Unit

As promised from The Science of Fat Loss Introduction last week, Part 1 to the fundamental components to sustainable Fat Loss is detailed within this weeks blog.  The Science of Fat Loss has been reviewed and accepted by the Oxford Educational Network and is quickly gaining momentum across the board.

Strength Training Fat LossStrength Training- Building muscle is the 1st component that will lead you to fat loss, strength training leaves you with a 24-36 hour after burn and Thermogenic effect (Thermic effect of food also commonly known simply as thermic effect when the context is known).  TEF in shorthand, is the increment in energy expenditure above resting metabolic rate due to the cost of processing food for storage and use.  It is one of the components of metabolism along with the resting metabolic rate and exercise.
With each pound of muscle you have built, you are burning roughly an extra 50 calories a day while your body is at rest.  This means that you will continue to burn calories even when you are not working at all.  Strength training needs to be performed 5-6 days per week for maximum results.  Muscle tissue is the only thing that will burn fat and increase your metabolism.  Building lean muscle is the first component to losing weight and sustainably keeping it off.

You can seek all and any Strength Training tips and recommendations right now at feelfitastic.com and while you’re here browse the custom build library of over 2,000 exercises in the Workout Builder to really capitalize the ignition of your organic Fat Burning system we call your BODY!

Keep your eyes peeled next week for the second unit of Fat Loss practical Science.

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Athlete of the Month Part 2. All in a Days Prep

Athlete of the Month Part 2. All in Days prep.

10428883_10203228831414763_927671808_nI trust, like I was, you were all inspired by Part 1 of Jimmy’s philosophy on life and fitness. I am taking you down a different turn, however, with Part 2. In Part 2, we are going to focus on his 20 week prep for IL State that he did with Coach Steve. This is your rare opportunity to get an in-depth look at what prep really consists of: the ups the downs, the injuries, the setbacks and the eventual triumphs.

When I sat down with Jimmy for this interview, my first question was: “Why would an accomplished athlete and personal trainer need someone to prep them for a show?” Firstly, I was reminded that why is the wrong question.  Then, Jimmy stated that, being an athlete all his life, he has learned that you never disappoint the coach. Jimmy knows himself and that he needs someone to help keep him focused and hold him accountable. Remember friends, this is an accomplished personal trainer saying that he needs help with focus and accountability. Jimmy chose Steve as his coach because he needed two things: 1) a coach who was a natural bodybuilder and 2) a coach who could back up his approach. Coach Steve was and is that coach. Trust me, if you don’t think Coach Steve backs up everything he says then you need a checkup from the neck up, or just hop on feelfitastic.com and see for yourself.

The first hurdle to overcome during Jimmy’s prep was to remove from his mind what he felt needed to be done and fill it with the words of Coach Steve unnamed (3)instead. Trust me for any trainer this is not an easy task. For example, Coach Steve believes in nutrient timing – or the right nutrients at the right time for your body. Jimmy followed the blood type diet approach and didn’t really regard nutrient timing as something important. That quickly changed for him. To get over this mindset, all Jimmy had to do was look at Coach Steve and see that he did exactly what he was instructing Jimmy to do, regardless of what season it was. Jimmy saw the proof in Coach Steve and with that Jimmy threw his hands in the air and did what Coach Steve said, word for word. After all, Jimmy being the respectable athlete that he is knows that you never disappoint the Coach.

Jimmy’s whole mindset began to change from what he thought he knew. He learned that like a car his body is only as good as the gas that he puts in it. That food is fuel, not entertainment or a means to fill a void. There were no “epic cheat meals” or binge eating. Jimmy just made minor changes to bad food. This was not all sunshine and (more…)

BFC Body Weight LUNGE Walk Through

BW LungeIf there’s one thing we really try to instill in the Fitastic community is avoiding “time wasting” through exercise.  That doesn’t mean we’re averse to putting in long hours and training hard.  It DOES mean we want maximum bang for our exercise buck!  So we’re always building and sharing the most efficient exercises for the job.

We recently had the chance to ask Master Trainer and President of Benchmark Fit Club, Jimmy Fascetta what he recommends in adding to any fitness routine to efficiently obtain great results…  Emphatically he mentioned the LUNGE.  The best part is, is that there is no weight required to perform this exercise with proficient success.

We couldn’t agree more!  In fact, the lunge and it’s variations are a staple in many of our programs.  It’s one of those foundational exercises that opens the doors to all kinds of variations and other movement patterns- not to mention all the muscle recruitment required.  But before  you progress, make sure you understand the basics first.

Watch the simple yet detailed walk through with Jimmy HERE—>  BODY WEIGHT LUNGE

Are you performing your Lunge properly?

FAT I’m gonna BURN you, I PROMISE! Apparel Promo

Make and commit to the promise you made to your FAT!  We are offering a HUGE discount through Fathers Day that you can’t pass up on- Both Men’s Soft Style T’s and Women’s Soft Style V-necks are 35% OFF through June 15th, 2014.  Click on the links below for details

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Happy Burning

How Sweet your Potato is

These days the “Carb Craze” is at it’s highest point of awareness and controversy- ‘In order to obtain my fitness goals, do I eat carbs, do I Not eat carbs, if so how many carbs do I need?’ are the questions being asked.  Yes, everyone’s goals and nutrition input is different from the world’s perspective.  One thing is for sure… if you want to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that you can keep and maintain for the long haul, Don’t Skip Out on your Valuable Carbohydrates.   One of many is the generous Sweet Potato.

Sweet PotatoOne of the greatest benefits is the superior fiber content.  Sweet potatoes contain almost twice as much fiber as other types of potatoes.  Contributing close to 7 grams of fiber per serving, and make an excellent starchy addition to any meal.  The high fiber content gives them a “slow burning” quality.  This basically means their caloric energy is used at a slower and more efficient rate versus a low-fiber carbohydrate.

They also contain a sizable amount of vitamin B6.  B6 is well known for breaking down a substance called homocysteine, which contributes to hardening of the arteries and blood vessels.  Keeping the walls of these important blood passageways flexible and healthy, Vitamin B6 allows blood to flow freely.

In addition, sweet potatoes contain high amounts of potassium.  Potassium plays an important role in lowering blood pressure by eliminating the body of excess sodium and regulating fluid balance.  It is also an important electrolyte that helps regulate the natural rhythm of the heart, and maintains normal function of the brain and central nervous system.

This powerhouse nutrient food shouldn’t be ignored (along with all other nutrient dense carbohydrates) when it comes getting your body metabolized and sustaining the results you’ve put so much effort into.  How Sweet it is!!!

The Science of Fat Loss- Introduction

The Science of Fat Loss Introduction

There are not any quick fixes or magic pills to make you lose weight. You can lose water weight in a hurry, but your body fat % will not change. 1 pound of fat consists of 3500 calories while water in itself contains no fat. Unless you are actually burning 3500 calories, you are not losing body fat. In order to burn off body fat and lose weight with these steps are essential.

Fat I'm gonna burn youThere are 4 major components to body fat loss; Strength Training, Diet, H.I.I.T (High intensity interval training) and Sleep (rest and recovery) used together these 4 components are the surest way to burn the most amount of fat in the quickest, safest most effective way and building lean muscle throughout the body.   We will lay out the basics of these components to fully understand their function and to see why they will lead you to long term success and fat loss.  The information is to help you understand the science behind why we need to incorporate all 4 factors into our training regimen in order to achieve a long term healthy lifestyle.

These 4 major components will be featured and detailed in future blogs throughout June 2014- Parts 1-4.  Stay Tuned

Accredited details to come are directly from THE WORLD SCIENTISTS International written by:

Dr.Raven Oscar Flores PhD ,CSCS, Kinesiology ,Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, ISSA PT
Steve Trezek, ACE PT, NASM PT, IFPA Professional Natural Bodybuilder, NPC Natural BB Champion, Accredited Fitness Leader 2008-2011 in the Health Club Industry
Nicholas David Bardi, NPTI PT

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