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Transformation of the Month Jan Wilson Part 2

wildmanwill84 May 11, 2014

Transformation of the Month Jan Wilson

Part 2

May Mother's Day EditionI hope you all enjoyed part one of my Mom’s amazing story. In part two, however, we are going to take a closer look into what exactly Jan did to achieve her goals, and how she is continuing to reach new ones.

Even after her diagnosis Jan did not join a gym. A gym was just not her cup of tea and she knew it would only set her up for failure. So instead she put all of her focus on her meal planning and nutrition. In the initial first weeks, it was difficult for Jan to go from having coffee for breakfast, nothing for lunch and a big carb filled dinner at night, to eating 3 high protein, low carb meals a day.  Jan often commented how interesting it was that she was a diabetic because of over eating, yet she was having trouble forcing herself to eat. Ah, the lesson of eating the right foods is never a fun one for any of us.

Jan found it best to stay consistent with what she ate and did not try to get too creative with her foods. She stuck to the basics, and that is what worked for her. So many times we find ourselves thinking that to lose fat or change our bodies we need to do something crazy, when simply focusing on the fundamentals is just as, if not more, effective.  Jan’s biggest focus was on how many carbohydrates were in each of her meals and what her portions were.  Here dietitian gave her specific directions on how big her portions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be – which of course Jan followed to the letter.

At the beginning

Side by Side difference

1013598_307067166097544_473094587_nLike most of us who read labels, Jan found herself at odds with what was being passed off as “healthy foods”.  A great example of her indignation is a story Jan told Coach Steve and I.  When she went to the grocery store, a woman from Skinny Cow was handing out snack packs which contain only 100 calories in a few small bites.  Jan, being smarter than the average consumer, looked right at the nutrition label. She saw that indeed there were only 100 calories but there were also 35 carbohydrates per pack. Jan now had a bone to pick with this rep from Skinny Cow.  “Why the hell am I going to waste a full meal on a few bites? It’s not about calories, it’s about carbs. You should tell your bosses that this is not healthy.” She exclaimed.  Talk about a mental transformation right there. Jan was now, and will forever be, all about the label.

Even though Jan was on her new meal plan, it didn’t stop her from a living the best life she could in her retirement. She still went to restaurants and she still went out with her friends, there were just some modifications that had to happen. Mexican restaurant? No problem, just order the taco salad and don’t eat the shell. Burgers and fries for lunch? No issue there, just ask for your burger without the bun and for some roasted vegetables instead of the fries. Not sure what the venue has to offer? Go online and look at their menu and plan out ahead of time what you can and cannot eat. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you cannot go out – it just means you should be polite and ask your server if you can make a few changes. Jan learned very quickly that most, if not all, restaurants will accommodate you, especially if you drop the “D” word on them (for those of you who don’t know, it’s Diabetic).

Jan just recently got herself into a basic exercise routine that, as I mentioned in part 1, involves taking the family dog, Shane, out for long walks. Her other routine involves doing Zumba videos in the basement. However, that doesn’t go so well when the “Bitches” as Jan calls them (dancers really) start doing really fast moves that she is not able to do. Damn bitches.  I am also very proud to announce that Jan will be starting a Fitastic program that she can do in her home. More details to come on that as we continue to follow Jan on her journey.

Rockin the Oh My QUAD. Check out the difference.

Rockin the Oh My QUAD. Check out the difference.

So, ask yourself the following questions as we come to end of this piece: Did you read anything about starvation? Did you read anything about diets? Did you read anything about diet pills? Did you read anything that sounded too good to be true? Was there use of some crazy Ab tool that will get you ripped and skinny for summer, sold only on TV? No, nope, nadda.  You did not read anything of the sort because none of that stuff works! The only thing that works is hard work and discipline. Working on your meal plan, working on prepping your food, working on gaining knowledge on what you can and cannot have.  Jan Wilson succeeded because she did not follow a diet – she followed a plan and made an all-around life style change. That right there is the key to success. Do not think short term, your goal should not be to only lose 10lbs or only shrink 2 sizes. Think like Jan and think life, longevity and happiness.

If you have questions about Jan’s program or success please reach out via Face Book or email me (Wild Will) at willwilson1984@gmail.com. Thank you all for checking back in with Jan’s story on how she overcame every obstacle thrown at her to achieve sustainable, long lasting results. As always Mom I am very proud of you!

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