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No JUICE in this Tank!

wildmanwill84 April 13, 2014

I’M BACK!! Sorry for such a long absence. I got a bit overwhelmed with my projects all happening at one time. Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped transforming. The Wild Will Transformation is in full swing. However, this week I want to focus on something other me. This week I want to talk about gym fashion. That’s right, gym fashion. Basically going forward you should only be wearing Fitastic gear otherwise you are not truly working out or training. Ok, good to go? Got it? Great, bye guys see you next week….HA, HA I KIDD! Just having some fun with you guys and gals. Now let’s get this blogging going and talk about something serious. DRUGS!!!

So this morning (Tuesday) I was at my usual LA Fit training. A dude around my age approached me and asked me about my Oh My Quad shirt. He mentioned that he had seen myself and Steve here before (or as he put it, that big dude). He said I’ve gotten bigger and that Steve was a big dude. This was then followed by so what are you guys taking to get big? My first response of course was, thank you I am trying to get bigger and then, wait, you think I’m on drugs? I told the kid no, Steve and I are drug free athletes by choice. He said cool and walked away. This got me thinking, on this blog I have never addressed the drug issue and why I have chosen a drug free life style.

Let the record state that I do not judge nor care if a person is taking steroids. It is their personal choice the same way it is my personal choice not to. I think no less of them, nor do I think them less of an athlete.  As long as you don’t come up behind me and stab me in the ass with a needle, we are cool. So with that statement you might be asking: well Wild Will if you have no issue with people taking steroids, why aren’t you? Fair question, here is your very long and personal answer.

images (1)When I first started talking about competing a year ago to some bodybuilders at Life Time I was approached and offered steroids right there in the locker room. Talk about temptation. I said I needed to think about it and ran away. I remember trying to make conversation about it with Heather. She said if I ever touched steroids or any illegal drug, ever, the marriage was over. Well that was it for me, but the temptation was still there. I love my wife but I needed to talk to someone else. So I messaged Steve, now Coach Steve on Face Book. I hadn’t talked to Steve since Bally’s went under so I wasn’t sure if he would respond. Within a day I had this response:

“ My easy answer is don’t even think about it regardless how tempting it is. Bodybuilding is a hobby/sport where you push yourself to your natural limits and development. You don’t need to put in testosterone/estrogen altering substances in your body to prove to anyone that you’re giving it all you got. You know there are side effects, duh. By treating your body the right way with exercise, nutrition, and rest consistently over longer periods of time will be much more sustainable and that’s what’s called a LIFESTYLE. This is not to mention that those “pushing” drugs to you have no interest in your health at all, they don’t care about YOU… They are making a sale! I personally didn’t deal with it often because they knew I was committed to the long road to fitness.”

Yes, that was I all needed. The Coaching came about a month or two later.

For me it came down to 3 factors: 1) The impending divorce 2) The wise words of Coach Steve 3) The side effects, we really don’t know. What are the long term effects? I’m not sure, so in my mind I don’t think it’s worth it.

I have made the choice to be a natural athlete. I am proud of my choice and yes I will promote a natural life style. I don’t think I’m better and I don’t have an attitude about it, nor should anyone else. It is not up to us to judge or accuse others.  Am I upset that some kid at the gym thinks I’m on steroids? Good God no, I’m thinking holy crap this transformation is really happening, hells yeah! It doesn’t bother me; I take it as a compliment.

Steroids are a part of the fitness industry. They have been since the beginning and they will be there till the very end.  That’s fine. That NO Juice in this Tank
is just the way it is. Yes, that temptation will always be there the same way there is temptation to eat cookies. It’s a matter of “Will” power for me (see what I did there). I’ll put in my hard work and they will put in theirs. I’m not worried about them, I’m worried about me, it’s me vs me, no one else.

This could be a conversational topic for some of you. If you take issue with what I said, or if you have questions, please leave your comments or message me.  I want to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading this week. I appreciate your support.  Have a great week everybody!


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