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March Athlete of the Month

wildmanwill84 March 8, 2014

March Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to our March Athlete of the Month, Heather Hayes.  As you will soon read Heather is not just another pretty girl in a bikini on stage. She is a strong woman, fierce competitor and an inspiration to us all.

Heather was like most girls her age in her high school and college days.  She was not overly into fitness.  She did just enough to maintain an “ok” shape.   She wasn’t focused on hitting the gym every day or turning down a slice of pizza and a beer when offered.  And, like most girls at that age, she was not very self-confidant; nor did she really feel comfortable in her own skin. She was just your typical, average everyday college girl. But that was never enough for her.

heather 1After college Heather admitted to really falling off the wagon when it came to proper nutrition and fitness.  In fact, it wasn’t until January last year that she finally decided to make a change.  Heather went to see a good friend of hers compete in a bikini competition.  She watched her friend on stage and thought, I can do that.  Heather imagined herself on stage in prime physical condition. She had a goal in mind and the drive and determination to attain it, now she just needed to find the accountability.

Heather found that accountability when she joined Team Motiv8nu Elite. Led by the talented friend of Feel Fitastic, Staci Boyer, Heather began her 20 week prep for her debut show.  During those 20 weeks Heather enjoyed the feeling of strength and the changes she saw in her body that resulted from the workouts.  But, like most of us, she struggled with the meal plans.  She did not starve herself by any means, but the transitions were tough.  She found it difficult to switch from fried chicken to grilled chicken, potato chips to spinach, etc.  To Heather, sticking to a solid meal plan was the biggest challenge.  It was a daily battle, both mentally and physically.  There were times when she felt the need to sit down and cry it out, and I can definitely sympathize with that.  Both Heather and Staci knew, however, that giving up was never an option.  Finally, 20 weeks later, it was show time.  Heather took the stage for the first time in Ottawa.  To her surprise, she walked off the stage 1st in her class and took home the overall. Through hard work, determination, sacrifice and discipline, Heather Hayes was named the best Heather Hayesbikini competitor that day.  Next up: The Arnold Classic in February 2014.

And thus, another prep period began.  This time it was not for just any show, this was the Arnold, one of the biggest shows in the United States. If you are an amateur (non-pro) competitor, this is the biggest stage you will step on before you become a pro. This stage can make or break your career. Heather and her Coach Staci knew it and they prepared well for it.

The Arnold happened exactly one week ago. We at Fitastic (me, Wild Will, especially) are so proud to announce that Heather Hayes placed in the top 10 in the first round and then placed 7th in the final round.  Remember, this is only her second competition; and, due to the fierce competitor that she is, she rocked it!


Heather is now preparing for her third competition, Jr. Nationals, in June of this year. This show could turn Heather Hayes from just another girl in a bikini to a PRO BINIKI GIRL.  That’s right friends; Heather is going for that highly desired IFBB Pro status. Please join me in supporting her and wishing her all the drive and determination in the world.  She, like other true competitors, doesn’t rely on luck.  As any fitness competitor knows, we make our own luck.  Support, on the other hand, is something we can never get enough of.

At face value, Heather may seem like just another girl who wants to look good in a bikini on stage.  I hope after reading this you know now that she is more than that.  She is a woman who fought hard to reach her goals, giving up countless nights with her friends drinking at the bar and saying no to all the Thanksgiving and Christmas goodies during her prep for the Arnold.   She is a competitor we should all have our eyes on because the next stop for her is Pro Status.

Heather Hayes let us be the first, and definitely not the last, to congratulate you on all your success. You are the kind of competitor Fitastic is proud to support.  We salute you for what you have accomplished and for what you will accomplish in the future.

Fitastic friends and families please once again join us in congratulating Heather Hayes for being named Feel Fitastic’s Athlete of the Month.

received_m_mid_1391377353920_8323e47eacee67b915_0Here is Heather Hayes in her own words:

                “I began my journey to improve my overall lifestyle.  I never would have imagined that my journey to the stage would inspire so many others!  Now I do this not only for myself, but for all those around me that need that little push to help them change their lives as well.  It can be challenging mentally, physically, an emotionally at times, but I wouldn’t change this life one bit!”


“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

~William Shakespeare



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