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Steve March 11, 2014

Again, the entire point of exercising is to make progress toward YOUR goal.  But most all goals require building some additional lean muscle tissue, whether you realize it or not- the benefits are endless…  Staying on track and picking yourself back up if you fall off is the consistent focus one needs to obtain manageable and sustainable results.  DON’T GET IN YOUR OWN WAY of the results you deserve!

If you missed #1, #2, and #3 of PART ONE, no worries you can catch the goodness here: GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY- Part 1


Sleep is the time when muscle building growth hormone surges in the body.  If you have trouble catching enough Zzzz consider avoiding caffeine and alcohol for as long as 6 hours prior to sleep to improve rest quality.  Shoot for at least 8 hours of sleep each night.  If you’re still tired despite sleeping well, you may have allergies or sleep apnea; consult your physician.


Exercise and working out isn’t rocket science, however it is based on science.  Thinking you know more about training than you do is a conceit that will doom you to years of stagnation, not to mention sure injuries.  Personal Trainers (credible and experienced ones that is) are an amazing resource to assuring proper program structure and exercise technique if the timing is right and you can find the right trainer for you.  But the reality is you don’t need a Personal Trainer to gain serious results- feelfitastic.com is stacked with a 1,000+ exercises and several successfully proven fitness programs from top fitness professionals in the industry.  Any direction you seek for professional advise, just be sure to stay committed for at least four weeks and witness your physique develop.

Too many exercises6. YOU DO TOO MANY EXERCISES

Bouncing between exercises to find out which one works best for you doesn’t give you enough time to effectively test any of them.  Pick from a small menu of lifts that have been proven to work- Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts, Pull Ups, and Rows.  Muscle growth comes from creating microscopic tears in muscle cells that force them to grow back stronger, and requires doing exercises that allow you to use challenging weights.


Most people train the muscles they like, then workout the rest of the body if they can “find the time” or motivation.  For the best looking physique, you need to consistently work the whole body.  Neglecting your legs (I’m not pointing any fingers here) means ignoring the biggest and strongest muscles in your body.  When you squat or deadlift, you stimulate anabolic hormones that help your entire body gain lean muscle tissue.

If you fall victim to any these reasons for not optimizing your results, you’re in good hands.  These are simple fixes with a bit of attention focused on where it needs to be.  Be on the look out for the final installment to my top recommendations to STAYING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY…

Spring forward into fitness,


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