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Chocolate Cake-The Macros

wildmanwill84 March 17, 2014

In the Kitchen-THE MACROS!

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the macros (Protein, Fat, and Carb) along with calories for the Chocolate Protein Cake.  Here is the breakdown for.  I have for the macros for either 8 slices or 10 slices. Going forward I will include the macros for all “In the Kitchen” recipes when I post. Thank you all for the awesome response to this new segment within Fitastic. I look forward to bringing you next week’s recipe. Protein Cookies GET EXCITED!  Have a great week everybody!cake2

8 Slices

Calories 206 per slice

Carb 19 grams per slice

Protein 46 grams per slice

Fat 8 grams per slice

10 Slices

Calories 165 per slice

Carb 15 grams per sliceChocolate Protein Cake

Protein 37 grams per slice

Fat 7 grams per slice

Hope that helps you all out!

~Wild Will (W3)

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