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Choices…They can Make or Break You

wildmanwill84 March 3, 2014


The Right Choice isn’t always the Easy One

Let’s keep the honest talk from last week going shall we. This week is going to be brief and to the point. After much consideration, honest talk and measurements; Coach Steve and I agreed that it would be best if I pulled out of the May 17th Kevin Noble show. We are now going to focus our efforts on November.  I am in still in “prep” mode for the 17th, I’d like to be at show at the Fitastic Booth at or around 8-9% Body Fat. (Rockin a new men’s Fitastic thank top)

A lot of thought went into this decision. After the breakdown of last week I recovered and got my head on straight. I took a long good look in the mirror and asked will I be ready in 11 weeks? Will I be able to step on stage at 100% representing myself, Coach Steve and Fitastic? All of our reputations and business decisions are the online here, am I ready? When I couldn’t give a resounding and confidant YES to these three questions, I knew it was time to call Coach.

In looking back at fall when I did Part 1 and dropped 50lbs in 9 weeks. I realized my life now is 180 degrees opposite from then.  In the fall nothing had changed, all was normal at Life Time, all was normal at home. Life was pretty much the status quo nothing to throw me off my game or pull my focus. However this winter when I started prep I had just left my career with Life Time. I became a business owner, I got a part time job at a restaurant, and my whole world was turned upside down with the choices I made (yes I still am happy with my choices). My thoughts and actions were being pulled in so many different ways I couldn’t truly give (much as I didn’t want to admit it) 100% to my prep. Here’s the deal and something I clearly learned the hard way, if you can’t give 100% STOP! Just stop and rethink and reevaluate what you are doing.  Like the title says the right choice is not always the easy one.

I am so truly grateful to have a Coach like Coach Steve who understands me. Who is looking out for my welfare while I am looking out for his. I can’t go up there representing Fitastic and Coach not being at 100%. This Wild Wild Transformation is not just about me, it’s not all about Wild Will. It’s about Fitastic and what Fitastic can do for everyone. That is bigger than me; this show is bigger than me. It was time to be adult and make an adult decision. Ugh being an adult sucks sometimes.

So there it is friends, the honest truth once again. Don’t fret though you will still get to see a transformation and a hell of a good one at that. It will just not be a show ready transformation. Let’s go with a beach ready transformation shall we. Yes, now that sounds fun. Whose is ready for the beach? I will be. Thank you all for your support. I could not do this without any of you.

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