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BEHIND THE TIP: Monday? International Chest Day!

Steve January 20, 2014

Monday Chest DayHere it is, a fresh new start to the week.  Another opportunity to dominate a Monday workout at the gym.  But wait, not so fast.  As innovative as you can be in your program, ALL THE BENCHES ARE TAKEN by the chest maniacs!   Come on people, IT’S MONDAY- Why the sensational need to monopolize all the chest equipment on Monday’s?  Now coined as the phrase “International Chest Day”.

Well, here’s how I see it…  All the broski’s indulge in their long crazy weekends filled with high flying actions of “non-fitness” and what better way to get their mojo back on track than to do the most favorable muscle group to man (statistically speaking)- CHEST!  And as the calendar would have it, Monday falls on the first gym day of the week for most gym-goers (the hardcore’s know better).

Here’s the reality: The chest is the main focal point of any male when trying to build muscle, you either have it or you want it.  If you want it you better be ready to lift big on ANY DAY of the week, no gains come from lifting the same weight every week ON THE SAME DAY-  you have to change the days and push yourself.  Stick to a schedule that allows any combination of consecutive days (3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Days, etc.) targeting all the muscle groups within that time frame.  Take a day of rest from exercise and start the combination of days again to assuring you’re not training the same muscle groups on the same days of the week.

Do your part to avoid and minimize the Monday Madness of International Chest Day once and for all.

Have a PECtacular day,

#ProCoachSteve- Team Fitastic

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