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Have your Whey

Fitastic January 21, 2014

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You know whey makes a great pre-and post workout shake that can enhance muscle growth. Before training, whey is important because its peptides (small protein fragments) boost blood flow to muscles for energy during the workout.  After training its critical for increasing muscle protein synthesis.  But did you know the using whey can also help you get leaner?

A study found that people who drank a 40-gram whey protein shake 90 minutes before eating a meal reported being less hungry and ate considerable less food than when they drank a 40-gram casein protein shake before the meal.  Whey’s ability to make you feel fuller appears to be due to a rise in a cholecystokinin and glucagon like peptide-1 levels about 60% higher than protein like casein. Since these hormones blunt hunger, drinking a whey protein shake as a snack between meals can help curtail your hunger throughout the day.

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