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4 Oils Used For Cooking

Fitastic January 12, 2014


By all accounts, olive oil is the supreme of good tasting and good for you cooking oils. It’s well known for containing primarily heart healthy mono unsaturated fats. Its less well known for containing compounds that appears to relieve joint pain.

Canola is a close second to olive oil in the run for the kitchen roses, containing 17 grams of monounsaturated fat.  It also has a higher smoke point and a less flavor than olive oil, making it better for frying.  Which you still shouldn’t do very often.

At first, corn oil doesn’t seem so bad, it has 15 grams of polyunsaturated fat, but eat too much of this fat, also known as omega 6 fatty acids, and you risk adversely affecting your cardiac health and your waistline.  Judicious use is advised.

Though it consists almost entirely of saturated fat, coconut oils fats are primarily medium chain triglycerides, which don’t get used like other fats or stored as fat.  Eating it can actually enhance fat loss, and every one knows it’s responsible for great Thai food.

Nutrition Facts of 1tbs

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