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The Resolution is Coming

wildmanwill84 December 29, 2013

The Resolution is Coming!!!

It’s that time of year again. As a new year comes close, all of us current gym goers start moaning and whining about the “New Year’s Resolution people.  How annoying they are, how crowded the gym gets, blah, blah, blah. My question is WHY? Why do we get so upset about these people who are trying to make a difference in their lives? New Years is that time of year where people look at themselves and try to better themselves. So why do we as people, who have been trying to better ourselves all year, look at these people with rolled eyes? They are no different than us when we started; they are just doing it at a certain time of year.

Some of you may be saying, “Well Wild Will, it’s because they get in the way and they don’t stay long, so what’s the point?” Ok, well, do you think maybe they don’t stay because people like you are rolling your eyes, making comments and being all around rude? Sitting there with your buddies or your girls and making comments like “Argh, the New Year’s people.” Don’t you think that maybe a new year’s person within ear shot may now feel discouraged and leave? Also, how many veteran gym goers can you think of right now that follow every single etiquette rule in the gym? I can’t think of any now myself.

Who the hell are we to get mad or annoyed with someone who is trying to reach their fitness goals? Look at it this way, what is the

I'm just sayin....

I’m just sayin….

difference between someone joining the gym in September vs. January? We don’t get annoyed with this person. We don’t go, “Argh, the fall people are here.” We don’t even notice. Yet, come the whole month of January our noses are stuck up in the air like we are superior to these people. Well guess what, we are not!  So instead of getting all annoyed when these new people don’t follow all the rules of the gym, why don’t you offer your help? Let

them know that when a towel is put on a bench that is the international gym symbol for “I’m using this bench.”  Or, let them know that it is courteous to re-rack their weights.  For those of you who enjoy your group fitness, remember, the new people don’t know that your spot is your spot. They don’t know what to setup for step or weight class; so help them. Now, on the flip side, if you try to help someone and they are rude about to you, well, screw them, they are rude. I think you will find that if we, as veterans, are helpful to these newcomers, not only will they stay; they will also follow the unwritten rules of the gym.  You may not be a trainer like Coach Steve and me, but you do know how a gym works and what the rules are.  So, instead of being a snob, be helpful. Instead of rolling your eyes, give encouraging looks. Instead of watching that guy try to press way too much weight on a bench, go offer a spot. Ladies instead of getting pissed that this new chick took your spot in yoga, remember, it’s not your spot, get over it and get their earlier.  We were all newbies at some point; maybe we joined the gym in the spring, summer or fall. Hell, maybe one of you saw your New Year’s

Lets focus on this instead

Lets focus on this instead

resolution come true.  Either way, it is not our place to look upon new people in the gym with arrogance.  Help them out, say hi, just be a good person. Like I said if in turn they are rude, ignorant or just a run of the mill jack ass, then just do what you need to do and ignore them. Just give these people a chance before we start the eye rolling and the rude remarks. Remember your roots and when you started; because I guarantee it at one point you took someone’s bench too.Now go and have a great Happy New Year everyone. I will see you all in 2014. Which I hope you are all excited about. So many good things to come in this upcoming year; my first year on stage, big things from Fitastic and, of course, another year to get yourself in the best god damn shape of your life.

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